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  1. From USAREC Age Requirements: For 153A, 33rd birthday or less prior to their packet being boarded. Basically as long as you are selected before 33 you don't need a waiver. You won't get a set date for IERW until after WOCS. When you sign your contract it will only have dates for BCT and WOCS. Since you're applying through the NG you'll either stay at Rucker after WOCS and go straight through IERW, or go back home for a few months until there's a slot for you to go straight through. Either way you'll likely have a few small bubbles (1-2 weeks) between each phase. I'm active duty so my timeline looks a little different because the bubbles are counted in months. I was selected at 31, went to basic at 32, began IERW just before turning 33 and am still in flight school at 34.
  2. You'll have to do some pull ups before entering the TAC offices and you may have to do them after lunch and/or dinner. That's about it for pull ups, they were never tested and rarely even observed by the TACs. You will do a fair amount of running.
  3. No.1 on OML gets called to the front and erases a tick mark for his choice. He stays up there and erases tick marks as each choice is called out going down the list until there is nothing left to select. Once there is only one airframe left then selection is over and that's what you're flying.
  4. Today. WOs 1 ch47, 1 64E, 3 C-12, 3 60. LTs 1 64, the rest 60s.
  5. Most of my LOR's were on company letterheads just like applying for a civilian job. I had one from my chief pilot where I used to work (also a Nat'l Guard 1LT) who just typed it out without any letterhead. As far as the picture goes, I wore a suit and my wife took them in my living room.
  6. I'm a civilian applicant that was picked up on the Jan. board. The board convened on Monday and I received a phone call on Wednesday. I didn't see anything in writing until the next week when I went to meps and signed the papers. Good Luck to everyone on this board.
  7. Be careful, Flim's got the old man strength.
  8. That's what I thought. I thought about LAARNG briefly, but since I'm trying to get out of LA AD it is.
  9. Honesty is always the way to go. Is there an aviation unit in the Lafayette area? I know someone flying for the guard in Hammond.
  10. I have a printout that says in bold letters on top "CONGRATULATIONS! A SUCCESSFUL RESERVATION WAS COMPLETED FOR" on down the page it has my training dates listed as type, location, start date and length. Mine has BT BENN 20140721 9wks 4 days AIT Rucker 20141002 7wks 2days. Following that page is RA applicant data report. That has Asvab scores and a crapload of acronyms so I don't really know what it says. I can't remember if I got it from Meps or the recruiter.
  11. Mardi Gras is over so the crowds should disperse although Bourbon St. is always crowded at night. PM Sent I also can't wait to meet everyone in class and get this adventure started.
  12. Definitely go to New Orleans if you've never been down this way. As far as hotels go, French Quarter hotels are best if you like to pay more for smaller rooms (European), followed by Downtown. If you're looking for cheaper go West, along I-10 into Metairie/Kenner. Stay away from the East side of New Orleans. There's too many places to eat in New Orleans for me to even make a suggestion for one meal and you really can't go wrong unless you end up at the Krystal burger on Bourbon St. Baton Rouge is ok, nothing special.
  13. I'm civilian starting WOCS 2 Oct. Only advice I received about WOCS was from a cw4 who told me prepare to run... a LOT!!
  14. My paperwork from MEPS lists AIT (WOCS) starting Oct.2. I looked at ATRRS website and found the WOCS class starting that day. I'm either right or an a$$ for the assumption. Anyways maybe we'll meet at Benning.
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