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  1. Warrants and commissioned take the same oath, I know. We both serve in a different way. Toxic leadership can never be avoided. The only difference is that officers (especially CPTs at company command level) sign for everything and we are the fall guy for bad sh*t happening. Usually, if bad sh*t happens, the commander deserves it. (I know 2 CO CDRS who deserve it and who have been investigated and fired and will never have a $5/hr job ever again.) Do you know what it's like to "lose" a sensitive item like a 9 mil and it be your fault? I do. Do you know what it's like to send six Soldiers to their death and then answer to their Families? I do. Warrants are trained to do their specialty. Officers (good officers) take responsibility when 1 out of their 167 Soldiers screws up. That's me. If one of my Soldiers f*ck up, I put myself on the line. You, as a warrant, just fly your aircraft to the best of your ability (which is in itself is a life-risking task.) You (as a warrant) are charged with many high risk activities. But me (as an officer) will have to stand behind you and take responsibility for your actions. I do this with pride.
  2. What is this thread even about? I think we have already "made sausage" in regards to that. If any of you care about your careers as much as I care about mine, here is the latest (sorry, I am a CPT, but it won't be too long before you all are included in this downsizing)....... "quote unquote" if you know what I mean.... Take it for what it is..... this is the direct quote from a major general that got to my inbox.... Team - As we continue to shape the Army Competitive Category (ACC) officercorps in support of the drawdown we will begin to convene Officer SeparationBoards (OSBs) and Enhanced Selective Early Retirement Boards (E-SERBs)beginning in March 2014. Captain year groups accessed to support a 547K force coupled with highpromotion selection rates to Major have resulted in an excess of captainsand majors far beyond future requirements. ACC OSBs and E-SERBs, scheduled to convene in March 2014 will considercaptains in year groups 2006 through 2008 and Majors in year groups 1999 -2003. Unfortunately we will have to ask approximately 2000 quality officersto depart. Specific reduction targets for each year group and specialtieswithin that year group will be determined based on the year group inventoryand Army requirements. All majors in year groups 1999 - 2003 and captains in year groups 2006 -2008 not on a promotion list and with more than one year time in grade willbe considered unless they are separating from the Army prior to the convenedate of the board or have an approved retirement date, effective no laterthan 90 days from the convene date of the board. It is our intent that all majors considered by the OSB or E-SERB will bepersonally notified and counseled by their brigade commander and captains bytheir battalion commander to ensure they understand that they are in theconsidered population for the OSB or E-SERB; (2) help them assess theirpotential for future service and counsel them on their risk of beingselected by the OSB and E-SERB; and (3) help them prepare their files forthe boards. As leaders, it is essential that we do all we can to coach and mentor oursubordinates. Candid feedback on an officer's performance and potential isabsolutely critical. For those qualified officers desiring continuedservice, leadership should encourage service in the Reserve Component.Utilizing their skills and experience in the Army Reserve and National Guardis beneficial to not only the Army, but also the Solider and their families. Our captains and majors have performed remarkably around the globe withgreat proficiency and courage. We cannot and will not allow them and theirFamilies to be surprised by efforts to downsize our Army. Your brigade andbattalion commanders' personal involvement to ensure each officer is treatedwith dignity and respect is absolutely critical. In the next few days you will receive a GOMO sends and the shortly after wewill begin to release Army Times and other media information during AUSA -wanted you to have a heads up and welcome to share the general informationwith your leaders. Finally would ask when discussing this topic - do not say we will onlyretain the very best but simply state that" we have a very high qualityofficer corps and unfortunately as we draw down we will have to transitionsome very high quality officers". We will continue to put out more detailsin the coming weeks to help answer questions and concerns.
  3. You all need to understand that even though I may be higher ranking (me in this scenario, but likely your boss), if the mission is unnecessarily jeopardizing lives, it is your DUTY to stand up and do something about it.
  4. Anyone that wants have an opinion/expectation of commissioned officers having it "easier," I am truly open to sharing the nightmare I experienced in which 6 Soldiers and 6 Families have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
  5. "Easier" ... you really have to think about that. I know so so so god damn many corrupt officers (especially at the O4, O5, O6, and star levels.) Doesn't take much research too see how many OFFICERS are being relieved thru out all branches of the military (army, navy, air force, marines.) Right now, warrants are upholding their standards a hell of a lot better than commissioned officers.
  6. I have been commissioned for the past four years. My husband is also qualified to be commissioned. I love him too much to allow him to be subject to "officer business." Trust me, I know. Commissioned officers are more trouble than they (we) are worth because there are way too many of us (not that I want to be classified this way) that are TOXIC LEADERS in the army. Warrants are the middle ground that can actually make a decision that save SOLDIER lives. CPTs like me and my peers only give orders (that we don't understand) that KILL SOLDIERS. It is a WARRANTS job to stand up to me (a commissioned officer) and convince me that I am wrong in sending a team, a squad, a platoon, a tank, a helicopter to their deaths.
  7. The shutdown is not affecting initial entry soldiers. If you are new to the army and are not trained how to do anything, the army is pumping all available money into training you how to do whatever your job is (BCT, AIT, WOCS, OCS, BOLC). If you already are trained in your MOS in the Army, they will not send you for additional training (airborne, air assault, ALC, SLC, ILE, and any other branch specific schools.) If you are trained at your current MOS and you are scheduled for a school, you will not go to the school, you will remain at your duty station and keep doing the job that you are currently doing until further notice. HRC is not issuing any RFOs. If you did not have hard copy orders by 01 OCT, you will not PCS. The shutdown is expected to end soon. Hopefully, things can go back to normal soon.
  8. Thanks for the advice. What I have learned in my few years is NOT to piss of your branch manager. Easier in my previous branch because I am a CPT with another CPT as my branch manager. With my new branch, I have an LTC as a branch manager. And I DEFINITELY don't want to piss him off. I don't yet have an RFO to Campbell and if I don't continue to make a good impression on him, he'd send me to the opposite side of the world from my husband. Believe me, this is how branch managers are. Likewise, I have entertained placing a phone call to the CW5 aviation branch manager. For the same reasons, I have decided against that. Usually in TRADOC (correct me if I'm wrong) when it comes time for assignments, they ask if there is anyone with any special circumstances (such as EFMP or MACP). MACP may or may not get my husband to Stewart/Hunter. MACP will definitely get my husband to Campbell. The lesser of two evils. BTW, why did you all decide warrant instead of officer? I advised my husband (who was completely qualified for OCS) to go warrant. I would rather he fly which is his passion than the complete and utter bullshit of being an officer like me. Property accountability, staff call, training meetings, QTB, USR, FLIPLs, picking up soldiers in the middle of the night from the MP station and making the call to your BC that your soldier f*cked up, domestics, soldiers popping hot, Art 15s, chapters... this is the life of a company commander (no matter what branch.) Just curious as to why you all made the decision for warrant.
  9. To all those that are curious, I have no issues with giving my info. To be honest, I don't know much about aviation, but what is happening in our Army these days transcends all branches. I have been an MP for the past 4 years at Bliss (PL, XO, RD CDR) and next week I graduate from CCC at the home of my regiment (Leonard Wood). I am transferring to PAO and my branch is offering me jobs at the 82 CAB, 101 CAB, and 3 CAB, amongst other PAO jobs. I have explicitly told him I prefer Campbell. However, there is this pesky shutdown thing to deal with. As of today, the Army is not PCSing anyone for any reason, to include my classmates on orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, and GTMO. Don't worry, I am told that initial entry schools should not pay the price. And.. roll with the punches, I know. The roles of officers/warrants/NCOs cannot be taken for granted in this new army. Sorry, guys, I should have known better. My gut told me Campbell or Bragg was the best place and I just got too distracted by Stewart. Thanks for bringing me around. We all need that sometimes.
  10. Army 2020 is all over the place. What is the force going to look like in 2020. Sorry, guys, it doesn't matter what kind of oers you have, there are administrative separation boards coming all our way. Do you have ACOMs? There is no such thing in the army anymore as a contract. You will all (as I also) will go through administrative reduction boards. They are getting rid of officers and warrant officers. This has already been instituted for NCOs.. ask them. We are up next on the chopping block.
  11. Don't know what is going on with this thread, but the Air Force is not where it's at. My husband enlisted in Air Force in 1999 and I enlisted in the Air Force in 2006. The highest rank he got to was E-5 and the highest rank I got to was E-4. We both have college degrees and the Air Force didn't want us. I am now CPT in the Army and he has been selected for WOFT. Trust me, I wish the Air Force was a feasible option because it really is an easier life, but it's not.
  12. No, wait... I like that we are having dissenting opinions. I like hearing all sides before a decision is made. I still don't quite understand the difference between TDA and LUH? What are the words that the acronyms stand for? According to you guys, they may be units that don't deploy, but are still worthwhile to be in. I agree and understand the varying positions of Velocity173, d10, and UH60L-IP, but I am trying to consider all your very true and valid points and wrap it all together, if that's possible. And apply my 4 yrs of Army experience (not in aviation) to it. There are fewer opportunities to deploy, but there are still great opportunities to train and gain more flight hours? Yes, as stated, I could just stay put and enjoy garrison activities (sarcastically) and spending time with family (not sarcastically.) Can we afford that? Two combat ready officers just take the back seat? I don't think so. Me and my husband must always remain combat ready. Until I hang up this uniform, I will always be ready for whatever conflict awaits us next.
  13. Why the hell would you join the Army if not to train and deploy? No matter what your rank, job, position, branch that is what we do. That being said, I do also know many individuals that work the system so as not to deploy, they are plentiful in the Army. Currently, with the drawdown, I am aware that there may not be as many deployment opportunities. We are returning to a "garrison Army" is what I'm being told. That doesn't mean we still don't train for war and the culminating event will be NTC/JRTC. So Campbell and Bragg will be best options for that? What about Hood and any others?
  14. This is slightly confusing to me. You are saying that TDA and LUH are non-deployable? So this is very obviously less desirable. Most desirable is to be in a unit where you have maximum opportunity to train and deploy. So what is this optimal unit you want to end up in to be completely operational and deployable?
  15. From HRC in regards to length of assignment: Expected Tour Lengths: Non-flying TDA Assignments 2 YRS Flying TDA Assignments 2-3 YRS ME TDA Assignments 2-4 YRS Operational (CAB) Assignments Minimum 3 YRS Maximum 5 YRS Back to Back TDA assignments may be detrimental to career management and will be avoided whenever possible. LUH LUH Assignment will be 3 YRS, Back to Back TDA assignments may be detrimental to career management and will be avoided whenever possible. Sorry, I am not familiar with the aviation lingo, so I have to ask what are TDA and LUH assignments?
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