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  1. It's not a career killer, you still have 18+ years in service left.
  2. Elwood, thanks for thathe thorough write up. Did you encounter any former Army pilots during your transition? One thing I'd like to highlight is this, civilian pilots may resent the fact that I was spoon fed. But, we volunteerd to defend our country, fly in terrible weather, under fire and do it all while being away from our families. By no means does this mean we deserve special recognition or take away from civilian pilot's importance. I worked for every flight hour I have through studying, planning, briefing and waiting for years to have the seniority to get up on the flight schedule. I'll note that checking your ego at the door is important but so is appreciating different talents from different backgrounds and not being jealous of how one accumulated their flight hours. How was the written ATP process? Would you recommend getting that sooner rather than later, even years from retirement?
  3. Go to PHPA in Daleville they will guide you through the process, quick and painless. After you are a rated instrument aviator you will go there and take a military competency exam. You will take exam results, money and flight records to the local FSDO rep, ( He drives to Rucker twice a month) and file with him. Then, in a few weeks they send you your Commercial Instrument Rating. I just did a CFII and S70 type rating, it was painless and took me a week.
  4. We managed to lock a thread on the forums recently however, this abortion keeps on going. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE IT STOP!!!
  5. Egypt ain't a death sentence however, not the time to go. DOS and DOD has pulled the plug on the things (Risk Adversity). Hondo would be nice.
  6. I think there is a false sense that 160th flies more. Minimums are higher but, the mission doesn't call for a lot of hours. Med is not the greatest place for flight time but it could be great. I have seen on rare occasions, med pilots get more time then assault pilots. I think people are not getting what they want duty station wise because there is a lot of restructuring going on. We are seeing the devastating effects of a hooribly executed ARI and the Army is full up and terribly mismanaged at HRC meaning units are bloated or they need people there is no in between. Case in point, I am going to be a platoon IP in an assault unit. The company I'm going to has 5 IPs I'll be the 6th. Meanwhile, the sister company has 1 IP, why they do this? Have no idea,that's how the Army is run sometimes. I have a good friend going to Yakima, he's expecting a lot of time off or on med standby. Lindsey I'd pick up some hobbies if I were you. 😉
  7. Only if you single yourself out. Don't over think it. Do your best, keep your mouth shut. You will be ok. There are still 30 year Olds joining the army, not as common but, the economy isn't great. I know 2 30 somethings who have been to basic in the last year.
  8. Those text scores are 96-100% because they are very easy and the material is spoon fed to you. As for IPs and check rides, it all depends on who your check pilot is you cant study everything it just depends on how the IP feels you did. Cwil is right though, don't verbalize your mistakes or allow them to snowball your checkride. You may be lucky enough to get a 47 in your selection. Do your best and if you don't get the 47 be happy with what you do get. Everything happens for a reason.
  9. Rupert, In Matt's defense you came across as a total bragger. Your one story about escaping does not justify teaching that technique for a low power escape. It just doesnt. The technique saved your life but the conditions warranted that. There isn't one technique for every situation. I honestly expect more from a so called experienced senior pilot then accusing people of not being pilots who disagree with your techniques. To the OP, always be thinking about a low power escape, down and to the right, into the wind prefered. Always have an out from any maneuver you are doing.
  10. 95-1 For computation of flight time and duty position. If I'm not the PC I'm not going to log PIC because only one person per Army regs can be the PC of the flight. When to log, wheels up to engines off. How to log, PC, PI, IP, UT ect.. My UT time I counted as PIC for FAA because I was the PC of the aircraft. Same with IP time.
  11. The thing is, when your PIC time doest match your DA759 PC time, if your employer asks. You will need to explain yourself. IF your employer senses integrity issues, you've already started out bad. How can you substantiate those hours in an Army aircraft? Logging per 95-1 is advised to prevent those akward little situations. Like velocity said digging for hours is just not a good idea.
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