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  1. My question is a simple one, without a simple answer I'm sure. I'm looking into flight schools in Southern California (Orbic Helicopters in Camarillo, CA being my first choice, because of its proximity to where I'm located), and I'd just like to hear some input as to whether this plunge I want to take is at all worth it! I have heard lots of negativity about the industry, the economy, and the pay scale for pilots. Just a little background: I'll pass my medical, I have financing (more or less ), and I'm willing to relocate.. not so much for training, but for future job opportunities (that includes overseas). My decision is mine alone, and your posts will be taken in stride, and with a grain of salt. I have heard this is a good resource, and I'd love to hear LOTS of opinions, be 'em good or bad. I'm sure the question in this thread has been opined on hundreds of times, so feel free to share links. Please don't parse words, but try not to be negative just for negativity's sake. I have racked my brain over and over about what I really want in a career, and THIS is what I want. I would just like to hear from YOU whether or not I'm on a fool's errand. Thanks everybody.
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