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  1. One year ago, while watching Flight For Life of Denver fly a low recon over Staunton State Park west of Denver, I cringed, having just read a post on our local community forum, that an amateur UAV flyer had lost control of his toy in the same area, at the same time. That was the start of my awakening, as to how our industry was beginning to face new challenges in regards to the RPV explosion in popularity. Today, I received my latest edition of Rotor and Wing, and in it, a plethora of articles about the the UAV or RPV industry. I regard this publication and it's contributors as trust worthy
  2. Thank you both for for the information. Goldy, you pretty much nailed it. The primary client is a high end wedding venue which would like to include a 30- 45 minute tour with possible stops for photos between the ceremony and the party afterwards for the couple and the best man and maid of honor. The problem and therefore the the choice of aircraft, is the location. It is at 8000' along the front range here in Colorado, so Robinson is pretty much out of the question. The owner would also like to expand operations as the company grows to include Part 135 and 133 operations. Fortunately, our geo
  3. I'd like to hear from people with experience in both ownership and leasing. Information I am trying to obtain at this time, are the pros and cons of both, for example, cost comparison, any unfavorable terms of agreement in the leasing contracts, names of reputable companies who deal in Bell products, specifically the L3/4 and contact info of representatives you would recommend. I would also like to know what insurance companies to consider and the ones to avoid. I'm located in Colorado, and doing research for an individual who is considering starting a tour company with the possibility of expa
  4. As wild land fire season begins to ramp up here in Colorado, I am tasked with documenting my property for the insurance company. Has anyone insured their log book? And, is so, how did you apply a value to it?
  5. Whistlerpilot, no worries. I just recieved the book, and I'm already half way through it. The author does a great job of drawing you in and making you feel like you are there. I find myself critiquing his methods as well as considering my own. The lessons are both subtle and apparent with a lessons to be learned summary at the end. It's true, the information he provides, I believe based on my own experiences, are not given much, if any consideration in flight school(speaking of training in the U.S.). Far from a technical manual, it provides great insight into common sense judgement and the imp
  6. Has anyone read the book by Ray Conant, called Helicopter Flying for Fun and Profit? If you have, what did you think, and if not, check out his web site at rayconant.com.
  7. Still have and drive a 91 Accord that I bought in 1991. It has 300k miles, with zero problems since 91. Even started on the first try at -16 degrees here in Colorado last week. Great cars.
  8. I thought I read in another post, that this actually happend awhile ago, as in last month or October. Why are we just now hearing about it?
  9. It got me thinking, if you're not to worry about scuffed paint, how many strikes have occured, known or not, that could have caused unseeable damage to the TR gear box, tail boom or TR drive shaft and it's associated parts?
  10. I was watching some videos of full down autos and noticed a few stinger strikes(one guy in an R-22 scraped his stinger twice during the flare) and realized that I was never taught what constitutes a significant strike. For example, one that might require inspection by maintinance. We have all probably noticed during pre-flight, the evidence of a strike on the undeside of the stinger, without deformation of the stinger itself, but with no knowledge of when the strike occurred or whether the aircraft was inspected afterwards. I don't believe that I have ever had one, but it got me thinking, how
  11. The cost alone should be a red flag. If you're paying that much for you ratings, you're doing it wrong.
  12. Thanks for everyone's help. I finally got MD to activate my account. They said that they have been having problems and their tech guys are only doing this once a month.
  13. Can anyone recommend schools on the west coast, maybe even Idaho that provide student housing? I know Jerry Trimble has a few arrangements, but I'm intersted in researching other schools before making a decision.
  14. Does anyone know where I can find the POH for the 500c? I tried to go through MD's web site and after three weeks of waiting, and two phone calls, they still haven't activated my account. I have found the POH for the D model online, but not the C. Are there many differences? I have no experience with either of these A/c. Thanks for the help.
  15. What about choices of mic boom? Metal rail or flex boom? I can see myself bending the metal rail type. Which visor color is best for flying over water?
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