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  1. Well...you have heard...and I gave advise...can lead a horse to water...cannot make it drink. When advise that’s sound is given..then try and follow it, change your mindset, open up to doing more than you are..and you will find more in life than what your experience is at the moment.
  2. My advise is simple....do your research. When you see crap spoken about any place there is always more and well deserved. When you see positive it’s also well deserved. Pilots live for drama..as you are most likely aware...so why would we shy from it on forums. Find a good 141 school. One that has altitude over sea level. One that’s got reputation for success. One that treats students like family. One that doesn’t brag like a douche bag. Find a school that focuses on building industry quality pilots. Be willing to move to go to it too. This is a gypsy industry. It takes time building hours
  3. Son you need to go to a legit school. Call Silverhawk Aviation Academy in Caldwell Idaho. Legit, VA approved 100% funding.
  4. Yep coastal waters exemption from LA tax. Paid ID state income only to be safe.
  5. Well ok then...consensus says I was harsh...who would expect anything different from me by now. I spoke how I felt based on personal observations. When I graduated highschool way back in the 90’s I dreamed of being an aviator...I had an instructor who showed so much passion he pulled the same right out from me. He moved on in his success and I moved away. Years went by and I once more pursued the dream. I spoke with some older helicopter pilots...as I had originally pursued fixed wing. Back then fixed wingers struggled to make a buck while rotor wing made some cash faster in the ranks. All t
  6. In the offshore world you find two types of helicopter drivers. (1) Pilots. Love what they do. Can master the toughest jobs. Build customer service around the most unique people. Enjoy being the pilot for the guys who need them there. Make friends easy. Have enough intelligence to understand what they are getting into before they get there. Can handle the task at hand with professional poise and grace. (2) Bitches. No explanation required. I personally live offshore with my guys. Love it. Food has a mix of things to eat, and you can choose what to eat. Room is nice for its age. Never once
  7. Yes..my opposite comes in from Cambodia.
  8. I saw it happen when I was instructing. Made a pretty loud pop on the bird next to me..we were both running up on the ground. Bag hit so hard it melted slightly to the blades.
  9. Well if you ask Mark at Rocky Mountain Rotors in Montana, he has a very opposite opinion. They have one and fly it in high altitudes around the Bozeman area and love it. The recent article and cover of Rotorcraft Pro has the pictire of his.
  10. Well...first question I would have..is why are you looking behind you to land vs picking a spot, moving the helicopter to it?
  11. The aspens inclometer should be accurate for trim if installed properly.
  12. Reducing blade flap on windy days when a blade is hanging over the edge of a platform....it works..just dont let it wind up too much. 10-15% is what seems to be the unspoken we dont talk about it technique. Just saying from a friend who I know whos second cousins fathers cats breeders neighbor knew about back in nam.
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