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  1. Hey guys I know I've been AWOL for a while, but I'm back! I'm stuck at Hunter for a few days, if anyone is at Hunter and wants to grab a beer or talk aviation let me know. I think I'm going to call the 160th unit and see if there are any bored pilots hanging out.
  2. Oh, I thought you did all your required stuff first then BTN board was the last thing you did..
  3. I still have to do BTN board.. which will be my biggest problem, trying to get to a BTN board around Christmas time. Also, my waiver is medical, so its up to Rucker... Is it for sure that there is no March board or are we speculating?
  4. FQ-NS? Try again man.. We all know that this is WOFT and the biggest lesson is keep trying.
  5. God, I hope there is a March board. At this rate I wont take my SIFT until Dec 10 which means theres no way in hell to get my flight physical and waiver done before January. I do not want to wait until May...
  6. Ya but thats because Marine OCS they have too many applicants, not enough slots, especially for air. Again, its a special circumstance. Most commanders will honestly look at it as "Oh this guy cant hack it AD and wants to just go home and get fat with his girlfriend" At least thats how a Marine commander would look at it.
  7. It all depends on your branch of service. It all boils down to what your Commanding General decides. Its a rule of thumb in the Marine Corps as a whole that no, they will not release you to reserve. Most will not let you go AD to Reserve. But, you wont know until you ask.
  8. Ya... I think you know us better than that by now Yamer..
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qsqfbp1Ceg Aerodrome has amazing kits of WWI replicas.. When I have more time, space and a PPL Im going to build this beautiful girl.
  10. My second on the list is a Fokker DR-1 triplane. I want to make a kit plane of one someday.
  11. My dad's plane.. The F4U Corsair, whistling death. God what a beautiful plane...
  12. Im going to try and smuggle her a blackberry so that she can still help us. haha Actually, that is if they dont already give you cell phones now in bootcamp...
  13. Its going to be a mad dash, but hopefully I can get my package submitted by the end of December... If not, May it is.. Ouch that hurts to say that. haha
  14. Damn Shane you're ahead of the curve. Im rushing like heck to get my SIFT and flight phys done this month! I hope I can scramble to get January, dont want to way till March.
  15. I'll elaborate more later, as I'm sure everyone else will chime in. As far as LORs go, they're nice to have lined up but they have expiration dates. Focus more on things that don't expire, ie transcripts, SF-86 and such. Get your LORs when you're sure you're ready to go with your package. Many of us here have spent more than a year dealing with setbacks. Study study study for your SIFT. That and your ASVAB should be very important.
  16. Damn, we are starting this already? Well, I don't know if it'll happen, but my goal is to submit for January board, so I'll toss my name in. Civilian side btw. Reservist but apparently we apply as civilians.
  17. Im convinced there is an intricate plot to keep me from flying. Now that Lindsey is gone, we need a new one right? Haha Im going to call my contact at Ft Stewart Ed Center and see whats up.
  18. Ive called all of the universities north of Orlando in FL that have ROTC programs. Most of the Universities around here do a combined program. Im going to see if I can do it at the Army Education center on Stewart too.
  19. I've tried that avenue. The only one who would actually put effort towards helping me said he is waiting to get certified to administer the test.
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