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  1. I just realized the original post was a year old lol.
  2. If you don't have any luck and are willing to travel, I may know someone out in the Phoenix area that might be able to hook you up, but I am sure accommodations etc would have to be considered.
  3. Thats the guys out of Albert Whitted right Pig?
  4. ahhh memories. I loved being an FTO and once rookies were at the "learn the paperwork" stage, I would get them into all manner of sh*t storms, just so I could park in a dark lot and turn the computer to them and give them the "it's not going to write itself"look as I motioned towards the mounting call logs of the runs we had been on. That was the best part of having a rookie, the only paperwork you usually did all shift was their eval....
  5. Reason number 6,324 why I don't want to be a CFI = I already had years on the street with someone trying to kill me, why would I want to put that person in the seat next to me and also provide the means, opportunity and most probably motive to kill me. Which leads me to the next reason, said to me by an instructor many years ago: "you should never instruct in a helicopter" Me: Why? him: because when your not trying to kill me, you fly awesome. But your way too much of an a**hole based on your career choice, and you have no ability to bullshit people and be empathetic if they suck, people need to see a silver lining, you'd tell them to get out of the helicopter and take up knitting or something. Like I said, You're an a**hole and assholes make bad teachers" Me: Well, you know what they say about those who can't do - Teach. Him: See....a**hole, funny, but still an a**hole.
  6. Having pushed my best mate to do a run with Jon back when he was doing it and seeing the drastic change in flying ability at the time he got his PPL to how he flew after a month with John, I'd have to tell anyone that needs hours and some varied experience that this is not only good for time building but in the words of my mate "taught me more about really flying a helicopter than most of my initial flight training" Although I have no idea how much of that was related to Jon' genuine interest in helping people learn some new skills as part of the package and how that will relate to whomever is flying it now.
  7. Direct, I have a few corporate connections at AM. Shoot me a PM with the bases you are looking at and I will see if I can get you some phone numbers. I am sure they have a directory of some sort internally with all the base phone numbers. Also, if they are called something specific like "LIFE SAVER 1" etc under a specific program, that usually helps to know.
  8. Pig, Funny you mention that. I was just loaned a copy of that book from an EMS pilot here in Georgia. There are several units out there that hire civillian pilots or former LE pilots. Fairfax county and Maryland State police being 2 I can think of off the top of my head. But from the horses mouth, one of the long time pilots there when asked about hiring said to me. "we'd rather have an average pilot that we can train got be a good pilot that is a blast to hang out with and we get along with than a 10K pilot who can fly the doors off any aircraft but is a total dick" You can't get more sound advice than that. I have seen many units where one sour grape tends to put the bitter flavor through a whole flight operation. Getting along is key.
  9. Flying Pig, You should give them the specs on that posting we were talking about the other day. That's almost more absurd.
  10. I can't help that my agency likes an additional layer of crap to penalize people lol
  11. Pig has other "pigs" to fry there lol
  12. Nah, I think it's just general mocking of the post and industry in general with all of the things we have heard over the years mate.
  13. That offer is only good for the next 5 minutes, if you call back in 10 minutes it will be too late and you'll be paying 225 an hour and if I have to get on the internet to book it "which I rarely do" it will be an additional 10. by the way, you have to rent the cyclic and collective separately and I don't supply them.
  14. Gary, I may have someone for you that might jump at that, I'll let you know.
  15. The first version of this show with the guy out of northern Indiana was legit, I think the absurdity of reality television was the reason he decided not to renew for a second season. These reality TV shows are controlled by a bunch of hollywood idiots that intentionally try to make the "reality" scripted or create more drama so that it makes what they believe to be a better show. In the first season of this show, the cameramen would all be aboard the aircraft and they would shoot the departure from inside the aircraft as it took off. That at least has some legitimacy to it. I then switch on the second season and see all these multiple camera angles, including nice close up scenes of the aircraft taxiing out, hovering around etc etc. continuing to cite how dangerous it is. If it's that dangerous, then how are you taking off and leaving 4 or 5 guys on the ground shooting the action? I once had someone try to tell me it was all just GoPro's that they placed as soon as they got close to an aircraft. From a guy who knows a little bit about video, I can tell you, I don't own a single gopro that could shoot the kind of footage they get which is clearly from a camera worth several thousand dollars... Just another utter trash reality show.... now I am off to watch my daily dose of Kardashians if you'll excuse me gents.... (actually I would rather slam my dick repeatedly in a car door than watch even a second of that crap).
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