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  1. I'm AD AF as well. I was just picked up on the May board. Like Blue2greenWOFT said you don't really need a recruiter for much until you are selected. I was able to schedule my own SIFT and PT test without ever talking to a recruiter. This whole forum is great resource so look through as many posts as you can. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me as well.
  2. I haven't seen anything besides the selection list.
  3. Anyone want to check the list for me? I don't have CAC access at the moment.
  4. My 368 was signed by my Commander (0-5) and then uploaded to AFPC. It's digitally routed to your Squadron and Wing Commander for recommendation and then I believe it goes to an O-7 at AFPC for approval.
  5. It's going to be close. I think AFPC has up to eight weeks to process the release but mine only took about six. Hopefully you have more luck than I did.
  6. I'm AD AF and I know there's quite a few others on this forum as well. Were you able to get your packet in for the Jan board? I'm still waiting on an approved release from AFPC so it looks like I'll have to wait until May.
  7. Oh ok thanks, that makes sense about using the 705 for proof and then having my Commander sign the 61. Right now I'm at Hurlburt Field, not too far from Ft Rucker.
  8. I’ve been lurking on this forum for about a year and I wanted to say how grateful I am. This forum has been a tremendous source of information and advice and I would be struggling to build my WOFT packet without it. I am an active duty Air Force E-5 stationed in FL. I have been dreaming of becoming an Army Aviator for a few years and everything is just now lining up. I just recently had my Flight Physical approved and have my SIFT appointment in a few weeks. My LORs from my chain of command are currently being routed but I have yet to contact a senior WO. My next step is to complete the APFT but I have a few questions. Looking at the sample WOFT packet the only place I see the APFT score listed is at the end of DA Form 61. Is that the only place my score is documented? Also I see that under the APFT score it should be signed by my Commander. Since I am Air Force would I need to seek out an Army Officer or NCO to proctor my fitness test? I thought I read somewhere that it needed to be an Army E-7 or higher?
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