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  1. Are there any civilians who have received word yet about their board results for July?
  2. I did the same and I also picked up a hardcopy of the FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook. I have the PDF version on my phone so I can peruse it when I am bored but I much prefer good ol' paper haha.
  3. I don't know if this has been posted on here but I just took the SIFT today (got a 70!) and found a decent study guide that helped me do well on it. I know you can study the individual components from the other flight aptitude tests but this is specifically geared for the SIFT. It is called "SIFT Study Guide: Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the Army SIFT Exam" ISBN-10: 0991316509 | ISBN-13: 978-0991316502 I know it is a shiny new test and I believe this is the first and only study guide specifically for the SIFT. Hope it helps someone! -Justin
  4. Sort of necroposting my own thread but it is a shame I didn't see this, my packet is most of the way done now! thank you for offering though!
  5. Hey if my annoying newbie questions can be used to help others then feel free! Thank you so much for helping out, I will look at setting up a linked in account, I may already have one but I can't remember if I set one up for one of my classes or not.
  6. I will definitely do some editing and put my resume in there, it needs an update anyway!
  7. About the resume, is it just supposed to be a professional civilian type resume? My resume is not particularly impressive but I would think any resume shows you are willing to go a little extra with your packet.
  8. Understood, thank you very much for the advice! From what I can find, the nearest army base with an aviation unit seems to be Ft. Stewart in Georgia, otherwise Ft. Rucker looks like it's not even two hours more to just drive there and surely SOMEONE there would be willing to interview me right? Is there a recommended way of approaching something like that? Who do I call? Thank you for the help so far everyone, I am really eager to do whatever it takes to get this done, I am dead set on reaching this goal and the way I see it I have from whenever I can get my packet in until i turn 33 to get accepted! I am just having a hard time with the specifics on HOW in this particular area.
  9. I was wondering how one would go about doing that, just get a number for the base, call it up and start asking how to get in touch with senior warrant officers? I live in Florida, is there such a base in my state that anyone knows of? I will drive to Ft. Rucker if I have to but if I could find something closer it would be ideal.
  10. PM'ed and thank you, I am planning to use my martial arts instructor, my flight instructor, an active duty Air Force fixed wing pilot (O3 or O4 I believe) and perhaps a CW2 fresh out of Rucker who I believe was an ex ranger. I know his rank won't pull the weight of a CW3 or higher but would you still consider it worth getting? I would think any aviation warrant officer would be better than no aviation warrant officer but I could be mistaken.
  11. Hello everyone, I have been using this forum for research for some time now and this is my first post. May I start by saying it's been wonderful seeing the level of professionalism and the general sense of community that I have seen on this forum and I look forward to being a long time member. Getting to the point, I have been looking for answers on what the proper format would be for a civilian writing a letter of recommendation for a civilian applicant as well as an active duty service member writing a letter for a civilian. It is my understanding that the standardized USAREC form for LOR's does not apply to civilians, would it be wise to mimic this format anyway? I have also found people suggesting a memo format for the letter, is there any merit to this advice? Lastly, who specifically should the letter be made to? I have seen "To whom it may concern" suggested, it seems logical to me but would something more specific be recommended? I appreciate any and all advice in this matter and look forward to being an active member of this forum! Thank you for your time. -Justin
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