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  1. https://www.ntsb.gov/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/brief.aspx?ev_id=20070328X00341&key=1 Closing the loop.
  2. So, the moderators will spend an inordinate amount of time to one particular forum to evaluate each thread as to whether it stays or goes? Doubt it. The moderators would probably be more inclined to do a search to see how many times this same suggestion has been made on this site alone. The inviolate truth of internet forums is that you can't please everyone.
  3. You are always better off looking for an active duty installation with Aviation present. Every battalion-sized organization is assigned a flight surgeon as part of the staff. A brigade has 5-6 altogether. Labs and tests do not have to be done the same day as the flight surgeon visit. My flight surgeons would accept labs I did 2 months prior because they were within my birth-month window, but usually there was a week in between, sometimes days. The same day was rare except for in a theater of operations or at Fort Rucker.
  4. I would love to paste a link from the USAREC website that explained everything, but that site is in the worst state of disarray than I have ever seen it before. The previous page for civilian applicants is no longer accessible, all the information available is for military applicants of one form or another, and a goodly number of hyperlinks lead to dead ends.
  5. The "greenhouse" isn't for tall people to fit, it is for visibility in clearing turns so you aren't staring through the roof.
  6. Isn't there something about it being FAA-certified that requires the OEM RFM? I'm pretty sure that is why I was issued an "Operator's Supplement" to learn the TH-67 all those years ago rather than being taught the RFM, or issued an RFM ($265/ea as of 09/2014 times every student, times every year, times every revision notice=budget/standards nightmare). The Operator's Supplement was a classic Army workaround to create a document that was configured like a -10 but utilized RFM information. At least the LUH pilots are being exposed to an RFM before they get out into the commercial market.
  7. Most of the value that I have gotten from this forum was in the general forum and added to the things I learned on rec.aviation.rotorcraft back in the day when newsgroups were not spam repositories. I took a long break from here due to deployments and being frustrated with the "How do I stack up?" threads. I don't think that a separate forum will solve "the problem". As soon as the prospective candidates figure out that all of the experience is posting in the "other" forum, they will just post their questions there. After all, that is what attracts them; finding people who are doing, or have done, what they are trying to figure out how to get to do.
  8. 1. I don't try to hold myself up as I am going back. Once I break the vertical plane, I throw myself back to the ground. It uses a whole different set of muscles and gives my hip flexors a break. It also speeds up my tempo, so I am fitting more situps into the same timeframe. 2. I don't lie with my feet flat on the ground. I don't know the kinesiological reason, but it is a weak position for the legs. I plant my heels on the ground and leave my toes up in the air, the holder is still able to grab my ankles. I could never max situps until I incorporated both of these. 3. If only the shoulder blades need to touch, then I only touch my shoulder blades before beginning the next rep. Nothing worse than having reps not count, except wasting effort that will cost you reps towards the end. 4. At the opposite end, I learned where the base of my neck breaks the vertical plane with the small of my back. I figured that I only need to travel forward enough to make sure that the rep is not questioned. Once I reached that point, I relaxed those muscles and executed my point #1. 5. I don't count in my head. I just sit up and throw myself back down, repeating until I can't do it anymore. What I count in my head doesn't matter anyways.
  9. It is the only way to "guarantee" that you will branch aviation out of OCS. I use quotes, because nothing is ever guaranteed, but this is probably the closest to a sure thing I have ever seen in the Army.
  10. Two of the candidates I recommended were females. They were two of the strongest candidates I had ever seen and they were both selected first time.
  11. What if flight time is a mission requirement? It was for me, and in hindsight, it drove everything about my aircraft selection. I even had contingencies for track selection if my aircraft selection did not work out the way I wanted. I had more than a fair understanding of Army Aviation, and not flying would have sounded the death knell for my Army career long ago. I have been a big proponent of using mission as a selection criteria, but that doesn't nullify any other personal desires a pilot might reference to determine their choice. Some people just don't get to choose, so what does mission matter to them other than as consolation or sour grapes? I recognized after I was training in my aircraft that I would have flown whatever the Army told me to; but, flying was always the key for me. The less I would have flown, the shorter my career would have been. CW4 (Ret.)
  12. In today's Army, losing 5,000 helos over any duration of time would make Aviation combat ineffective.
  13. Linc

    Flight Suits

    This is worse than the new helmet thread!
  14. EMS companies and DOI/USFS have documented cases where pilots/crew survived with apparent impacts/strikes to the helmets. I don't know if they publish stats, but apparently they are big believers in helmets. Having said that, I was earlier reading the helmet discussions from almost eight years ago. Funny how nothing changes much.
  15. Holy smokes! 18 pages on one board. smh. Congrats and condolences, all! Always remember, while this is a really good way, there is always more than one way to skin a cat.
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