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  1. Lol very close. About 3-4 classes before me was the first one to ever get it.
  2. Huh…? Might wanna double check that one right there lol.
  3. I was 7 years ago and nope, 0 C12’s or 47’s in mine.
  4. It is very class dependent. My selection was 12 64’s, 1 M, 2 A/L’s. 64’s went 1,2,4.
  5. A lot to unpack in this question besides the kneeboard i posted earlier. My must haves: Finger Light Pen holder that velcros to the arm. Super handy, especially with the combat shirt Foreflight, with a badelf gps receiver or stratus. Yea i know they have built it GPS but that sh*t cuts out pretty often. Try flying with foreflight on your phone, good luck. Have Alse put a hear through on your helmet when you can Oregon aero hush kit. Whatever big bag you get to travel with, make sure it has wheels, waterproof helps. Gerber…youd be surprised how often you will use it Must knows: Show up with at least baseline knowledge. If you explain to me that airspace goes from A-G from the ground up based only on altitude, we’re off to a bad start. I expect you to know at least who you should be trying to talk to when flying, not being able to draw a diagram of the entire fuel system. If an IP asks you the “im a drop of oil” question. They most likely arent well liked by anyone. You will get additional duties, excel at them, they write your OER Be an asset not a liability. Dont be the guy we have to worry about getting drunk and doing dumb sh*t You’re reputation will follow you. Everyone knows everyone in aviation.
  6. Get the pivot kneeboard case and legstrap if you wanna fly digital products. Then run a battery pack in your leg pocket to keep it going for those 8 hour flights.
  7. Ask your fixed wing friend if he has the skills to still get the mission done without the help of his aircraft. Stopwatch, compass, and a map. Then we can talk.
  8. Crew chiefs are also maintainers. Its not like you become a crew chief who just flies and thats it. I would say flying is just one of their many duties.
  9. Their ability to fly and grasp aviation concepts will vary just as wildly as street to seaters. Both ends of the spectrum exist on both the WO and O side. Some people just have “it”, and some you will be terrified every time they hit the engine start switch.
  10. Appreciate this. Im off to the A/L AQC soon so this is helpful.
  11. No. 67J is the only one not branched aviation that pilot aircraft. You will see aviation detailed to other branches such as the fixed wing guys to MI.
  12. Im in the same boat lol. Just ridin the gravy train flyin helicopters.
  13. You rotate between AM and PM. The cost of daycare full time is Based on total household income. Sucks because the more you make, the more you pay.
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