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  1. Id share some stories if i had more time to type them up but i can make a list for now. Korea: Flying the trace through Seoul is one of the coolest things ive done Mountainous low level near the no fly area was fun Noe river running through LZ Tom and Jerry States: Buzzing the statue of liberty at an altitude not to be put online Cross country staying in awesome hotels in awesome cities (dallas, nashville, columbus) Working with AFSOC for a large scale exercise at Eglin(more fun cross country stops also) NOE flying through the Adirondacks is absolutely beautiful Getting to do a display for an airshow Afghan: Working with ODA’s and other entities Blowing up the countryside as mentioned above lol Doing some stuff that will eventually make it on dvids or youtube once its unclassified Overall, Ive gotten everything I wanted out of my current unit, same unit that reflagged to 64’s that sbuzzkill left. Its been pretty awesome here and im gonna miss the people when I PCS shortly.
  2. I think itll hit civilian applicants more than people currently on AD. 10 years sounds a lot worse than 6. Im wondering how they will handle the promotions to CW3 if everyone is already ADSO’d past their promotion boards.
  3. Finger light. I hated having to turn my head towards something i wanted to press.
  4. S2 security clearance is for active duty. The SF86 needs to be submitted and you will also have to do an interview at MEPS.
  5. You will sign a fresh new ADSO(active duty service obligation). 8 years for helos and 10 for fixed wing. Someone correct me if they havent updated that yet, in which case it is 6 years. That time starts the day you graduate.
  6. Ill chime in here as the voice of reason. Dont lie about something that can possibly bite you later in your career. Do the right thing and get the waiver in. Your “friend” will thank you later if something bad like cross contamination happens.
  7. Not true at all. I can name six guys off the top of my head that were accepted before they even graduated high school. Shipped to basic the July following graduation. Its about how you can explain why you will be a benefit to the Army. Also, it ebbs and flows for selection rates. For about 2-3 years it was 100% pickup on the civilian side of the house.
  8. Civilian will not be accepted since it doesnt process through the system the Army uses. GA ARNG should be able to do it no problem. I had PA ARNG do mine for AD as a street to seater. The only thing i had to do on my own was an eye exam but the documents needed were provided. If you’re willing to drive to Pensacola you might as well detour straight to the source and go right to Rucker.
  9. How has your experience been? Its had its ups and downs. The flying is great. The additional duties can sometimes wear you down, especially if you are tasked with something like supply/PBO. I’ve been fortunate to have a pretty good experience so far. What was your first unit, what's a typical first unit? Im in an Air Cav unit at a post that not a lot of people request. Its been a blessing in disguise because of the people and support I’ve had. Typical first unit can vary wildly just based on the command climate. While I’m here having a good experience, I know of another unit where entire troops are dropping UQR’s. Any regrets or missed opportunities? None so far. YMMV. Advice for an "older" (late twenties) junior enlisted applicant looking to make the jump? I joined in my late twenties but was street to seat. Just be open to learning upon arrival to your unit. Guys younger than you may have a lot more experience and you can learn from them. What's your day-to-day like? Flight schedule dependent. If im not flying it was usually 9-430 plugging away at additional duties or getting some study time in. If I’m flying then duty day revolves around that. What's it like working at your unit, with peers, etc.? Like i said above, very unit dependent. Ours is pretty tight knit. As far as working with peers, as my SP said, the cream will always rise in this environment so you can see whos putting in the work and who isnt. Those that are will get their shot at PC quicker. Did the ADSO change to 8 years? I looked for the most current info in AR 350-100 but I can't find anything to verify a change (i'm sister service and still getting used to where to look). Not sure its official yet. After flight school, is there pretty much an equal chance of going to any large aviation unit? Yes.
  10. To my knowledge, Ft Irwin has a flight doc. Thatd be much closer for you.
  11. I like it so far. Have you put it into microsoft word yet for grammar? It sounds good with just some minor tweaks such as switching has to have in the sentence both garrison and abroad, has provided me with the knowledge. Note: its removing some of my quotation marks on mobile
  12. I am committed to serving my country and I have a passion for aviation. I would be an excellent candidate for the Warrant Officer Flight Training program. My critical thinking skills, ability to function well under stress, adaptability to change and willingness to work for the greater good of my country and fellow citizens are attributes which will make an effective aviator and strong leader. Good intro but nowhere in this essay do you prove critical thinking skills, ability to function under stress, or adapt to change. You say those thing right up front and then provide no evidence. The science and technical work that goes into making an aircraft fly is fascinating to me. At an early age I had the desire to create and understand how things work. Because of my areas of interest and my parents’ encouragement, I decided to study mechanical engineering. I believe that the skills and knowledge I possess from studying mechanical engineering will help me be an effective aviator. Explain how studying mechanical engineering will help you be an effective aviator. I assume you are in college. Do you have a high GPA? Extracurricular activities that demonstrate teamwork or time management? Warrant Officers are Soldiers described as being masters in their field of profession. It is my goal to become a Warrant Officer Aviator. I will be disciplined, focused, and committed to my duty and all areas of preparation to fulfill the role of a Warrant Officer Aviator. I am eager and committed to apply myself 100% and learn to master the air frame. Aviators in the Warrant Officer Corps are Soldiers and leaders first. I believe that a good leader must also be a good follower. One of my attributes is knowing my strengths and the importance of collaborating with others to achieve the set goals and missions. We know its your goal to become a Warrant Officer Aviator, that's why you submitted a packet so you can axe that line. Serving as an Army Warrant Officer Aviator will provide me the opportunity to apply my passion for aviation along with serving my country. I strongly believe in President Kennedy’s words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” It is a great honor for a person to be of service to their country. That service is something that pays reverence to the men and women who did their part before you, and therefore will build a stronger foundation for the men and women who will serve after you. I embrace this duty to serve and will never shirk my share of responsibility to serve my country and to help my country excel. I ask for the opportunity to serve my country as an Army Warrant Officer Aviator. I'm gonna be blunt again. Nowhere in this essay have you given proof or demonstrated any of the attributes you listed in the opening paragraph. The board has 3-5 minutes to learn about you. The essay here is nothing but fluff. Give some examples of how you demonstrated the abilities you listed. Keep asking yourself, does this essay prove that I should be chosen over someone else?
  13. Thoughts right out of the gate. That second paragraph is terrible. I can promise you aerospace engineering is not the foundation of being a good aviator. How is that going to help you execute an air assault or convoy security? You could instead write about pursuing a difficult major in an area of interest. There is a lot written but nothing said in this essay. I read this over a few times and the only thing i know about you is that you are a mechanical engineering major. Give some concrete examples about showing dedication, leadership, and other qualities that make you a better pick than the other applicants. You can say all day you are dedicated, detail oriented, and adaptable. But you dont show it by example anywhere in here.
  14. Holy balls. And i thought my selection was apache heavy.
  15. There are a few. If you are an O-grade there is a chance for Ranger school. No chance of that if you are a warrant though. There is also ALSE if the bubble is big enough and I was able to get in on the high altitude chamber. Realistically, if your bubble is big enough they will put you on funeral detail for a long while. There was a time when about 15-20 of us were at honors detachment for about 5-6 months.
  16. To my knowledge, with both IRR and reserves you would need a 368 conditional release. I have a few buddies who did it and it seems much easier to get from IRR compared to reserves.
  17. Expect 36-48 months at your duty station. Investing is on you. Some places it will be worth it, others it wont. I can say that at Drum I wouldnt buy here because of NYS prices and taxes. If I was somewhere big like Bragg or Hood it might be worth it.
  18. You wont have a clue until you sit down in that chair. My selection got split with 8 to Jackson and 2 to Sill. With about a month to get there. Typical time is about 3-6 months from when you sign.
  19. This is true. UQRs have been through the roof for a while. Between quality of life and the airlines figuring out they can transition helo pilots, its been an exodus.
  20. It will vary wildly depending on your unit. Yes you will have additional duties. When you get them is what changes. At my unit, we dont give them over until you are RL1 and kinda found your feet. Ill trade PBO/Supply to be the fridge b*tch any day. Heres the thing though. Whatever additional duties you get, own it and make it better. Additional duties are what will write your OER until you are tracked. Stay positive, crush your additional duties and you will probably be looking at PC well before your peers who dont. For the flying portion as a reference, in the past 12 months in garrison Ive logged 240 hours while balancing PBO/Supply and making PC. Yes it sucks at times but its also opened up doors and opportunities because of the high visibility additional duty that it is. Ive done them all so if you have any questions going forward, let me know.
  21. Its going to be good for aviation. The General and his family are amazing people.
  22. Doubt it man. The only aircraft transitions Ive heard of as far as staying big army was when they offered 60 guys transitions to 64s when manning got really bad. After first assignment, im gonna say zero chance. After ADSO, maybe?
  23. Depends if you are on AM or PM flightline. What worked for me was dedicating an hour or two after dinner each night. My wife also had 5s and 9s down pretty good since she would quiz me on them all the time. Friday night until Sunday morning is your time to put it away and decompress a bit.
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