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  1. Ask your fixed wing friend if he has the skills to still get the mission done without the help of his aircraft. Stopwatch, compass, and a map. Then we can talk.
  2. Crew chiefs are also maintainers. Its not like you become a crew chief who just flies and thats it. I would say flying is just one of their many duties.
  3. Their ability to fly and grasp aviation concepts will vary just as wildly as street to seaters. Both ends of the spectrum exist on both the WO and O side. Some people just have “it”, and some you will be terrified every time they hit the engine start switch.
  4. Appreciate this. Im off to the A/L AQC soon so this is helpful.
  5. No. 67J is the only one not branched aviation that pilot aircraft. You will see aviation detailed to other branches such as the fixed wing guys to MI.
  6. Im in the same boat lol. Just ridin the gravy train flyin helicopters.
  7. You rotate between AM and PM. The cost of daycare full time is Based on total household income. Sucks because the more you make, the more you pay.
  8. 1 year is just barely enough to get your feet under you. Optempo can be high at times. Its garrison in another country with more f*ck f*ck games. The 47 guys i knew over there said it was basically the same as stateside with some random requests mixed in. We used em for fatcows and stuff in the field. The flying can be great but really really really watch out for wires. They are everywhere. From what ive heard, so take it with a grain of salt, the 2 year guys get a little more invested in em since they will have some time on station. 1 year is really only about 9-10 months by the time you inprocess and outprocess. Being permanent party will be much better than being a rotational unit like we were. Hopefully 2CAB has gotten better because it was a dumpster fire when we were there.
  9. Apaches just got a new update on the E model. I doubt they are going anywhere for a while.
  10. Well i guess I’ll be the devils advocate here again. Speaking clearance issues, what made you join the FFL over the US Army? At face value joining the FFL looks like you either wanted out of the US, or you’ve got some skeletons in the closet back here. Dont waste money on a PPL. Its minimal in the scheme of things if going WOFT. I got picked up with zero flight time. At some point you’ll have to answer why you want to come back now.
  11. Run it a few times now. If you’re in decent shape its a non issue.
  12. The highest ive seen was national guard at 41. Id say maybe a slight chance AD but may have better luck in the guard. What may not work in your favor is that even if you started today. You’d be 38 or 39 when you finished, and THEN have the 10 year ADSO. So you’d be 49ish by the time your commitment is up.
  13. Normally you can take leave whenever you are not in a class. No, you learn the basics of your advanced airframe at Rucker. I had a ceremony but no honeymoon because shortly after i finished advanced airframe and got to my first duty station they had us on a plane somewhere else.
  14. My wife and I got married and managed to have our ceremony in another state all through flight school. Takes some planning on the timing though and now covid throws it for a huge loop. We got married on paper which is super easy in Alabama. Dale county courthouse is where we went. We had previously switched our residence to AL also. There will be bubbles and time to make it happen. When I went through we knew what day selection was. Armed with that info, we had our wedding about 3 weeks after that because every course had at least a 2 month hold after selecting. Your mileage may vary but it can be done rather easily.
  15. It boggles my mind that this, of all things, has become a discussion point on this board lol.
  16. Relax for a bit. You will have plenty of time for 5’s and 9’s at Rucker. Enjoy the down time while you have it.
  17. Id share some stories if i had more time to type them up but i can make a list for now. Korea: Flying the trace through Seoul is one of the coolest things ive done Mountainous low level near the no fly area was fun Noe river running through LZ Tom and Jerry States: Buzzing the statue of liberty at an altitude not to be put online Cross country staying in awesome hotels in awesome cities (dallas, nashville, columbus) Working with AFSOC for a large scale exercise at Eglin(more fun cross country stops also) NOE flying through the Adirondacks is absolutely beautiful Getting to do a display for an airshow Afghan: Working with ODA’s and other entities Blowing up the countryside as mentioned above lol Doing some stuff that will eventually make it on dvids or youtube once its unclassified Overall, Ive gotten everything I wanted out of my current unit, same unit that reflagged to 64’s that sbuzzkill left. Its been pretty awesome here and im gonna miss the people when I PCS shortly.
  18. I think itll hit civilian applicants more than people currently on AD. 10 years sounds a lot worse than 6. Im wondering how they will handle the promotions to CW3 if everyone is already ADSO’d past their promotion boards.
  19. Finger light. I hated having to turn my head towards something i wanted to press.
  20. S2 security clearance is for active duty. The SF86 needs to be submitted and you will also have to do an interview at MEPS.
  21. You will sign a fresh new ADSO(active duty service obligation). 8 years for helos and 10 for fixed wing. Someone correct me if they havent updated that yet, in which case it is 6 years. That time starts the day you graduate.
  22. Ill chime in here as the voice of reason. Dont lie about something that can possibly bite you later in your career. Do the right thing and get the waiver in. Your “friend” will thank you later if something bad like cross contamination happens.
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