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  1. Hello everyone, i'm a new member of this forum and i'm glad to be part of this community! First of all i would like to introduce myself, I'm an architect from Paris, France and I'm starting to work on several luxury projects in Africa (Congo). A lot of our clients fly on helicopters there so we have to design more and more kind of "domestic heliports" I read a lot of documents regarding landing zone regulations but I know that it's only the pilot that is able to decide if he can land somewhere or not. That's why i would like to submit here these simple plan and sections of a landing zone i'm starting to design to have your opinion. This landing zone is not "regulatory" but I'd like to know if it's possible to land on it without too much risks. Is it possible to land here? Is it safe? Knowing that this landing zone will not be used more than 10 times a year and is for private use. If you have any advice or correction to make i'd be glad to hear it! And if you need any addtional information just ask me. Thank you so much for your help!
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