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  1. All, Thanks for the helpful info. So it sounds like AD is the best option. My question about getting stationed outside the country was actually directed toward the AD option... If I am AD and my wife is NG (and therefore would not be able to follow me to say, Italy or Korea) will the Army make sure I am stateside? I know deployments are to be expected, but I am hoping my duty station at least would be stateside. I know the word "guarantee" is a dangerous word to use when it comes to the Army, but any info on this situation would be appreciated. So if I am thinking about this correctly, my
  2. Hi all, Been surfing the forums for a while and I am about an inch from starting this WOFT process. Just have a gamut of looming questions for anyone willing to help. 1) If I try as a civilian to enter Reserve WOFT, do I go before a specific reserve selection board, or do I choose my duty station AFTER flight school? Or will they simply place me in a reserve unit based on specific needs of the Army? Which one gives me the best chance of being selected? I guess I wouldn't fly as much if i went reserves eh? 2) My wife is in the PA Army NG... will she be able to transfer to a home station i
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