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  1. What they said. You may be asked to explain it later in your career so be ready to articulate why you did what you did. If you get a good attorney and have no criminal history, they can probably make it go away. Learn from it and move on. I would continue training as planned and let this be something that makes you better in the end....
  2. You'll do well in the military with that attitude.
  3. He posted all his scores.... Heres one. Attention to detail: 0
  4. It's about 90 gal / hr and can be over 100 if your pulling the guts out....
  5. If your straight in's are good, you should be good on your 180's based on the info you gave. After you turn just tell yourself it's a straight in.
  6. I have heard of agencies doing this as well. However, If they went through an academy then by the time they flew for the unit, they were cops not civilians. Most academies are 6 months and then your ride with a FTO for another 6 mo. I've worked with both. My current agency has a 50/50 mix of civilian and LEO pilots. It seems like a good formula and works for us. Also, i've seen low time pilots fly way safer than seasoned veterans who get over confident or complacent as they become more comfortable with the mission. Just my 2 cents.
  7. If you ever fly passengers and depending on your mission, most don't like a 65 knot approach with an aggressive flare at the bottom. Have you ever watched a HEMS approach? Most commercial operators are going to want slow and controlled.
  8. I hate to Monday morning quarterback anything but... The original reports stated something about straight line winds? Not buying that. He definitely moved the pedals and pulled pitch in order to make the th67 do what it did. Also, why no chalk on the cart....
  9. Maybe? Although I can say from experience. Typically a great street cop makes a great LEO pilot. Understanding the mission, perimeters, pursuits, 10 codes etc... I think you will see more postings in general... Time will tell.
  10. I've seen more and more units posting for pilot positions. The kicker for most of them is that you must be law enforcement certified or able to transfer your cert from another state. So the commercial pilot + LEO cert DQ's a lot of people.
  11. It all really depends on what your end goals are. Are you wanting to fly helicopters for a living? If so, I would spend my time energy and money on that. It's not as cheap or easy, but if that's what you wanna do....
  12. I tried them all and ended up with excel pilot log book. It's a 1 time fee (as opposed to yearly) and highly modifiable to meet your specific needs. It will run on a Mac in Numbers.
  13. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I payed my own way through CPL all while working as LEO. I was fortunate enough to get transferred to our aviation unit with mostly R22 and R44 experience. I would say the shortage is real. I have personally had several friends transition to FW or take HEMS jobs that were vacated by people transitioning to FW.
  14. The best part is how he "lasering" his right arm and legs with the pistol. Good way to have an accident.
  15. I know several rotorcraft pilots who have gone to the airlines. I would say this is affecting the industry. Guy leaves HEMS through a transition program, HEMS needs pilots and it just trickles down from there. My 2 cents.
  16. He never misses a beat / chance for shameless self promotion.
  17. There will be multiple lawsuits from this and probably new legislation / rules governing the use of these types of harnesses.
  18. Reviving this in case anyone has anything else to add. This is for a sworn spot and I already work for the agency. I am getting ready for an interview and test. Studying SOP, Part 91, weather etc. Anything else I should be studying?
  19. I don't know anything about this flight school other than what you have posted here. I see several red flags . I would find a different school.
  20. AW 109. I also believe there is a place near Dallas, TX that services and works on them.
  21. Glad they are ok. Interested to see the cause of this.
  22. Yep, pretty sure he is directing traffic. Also, I believe it's left seat PIC on that bird. Cool video though.
  23. This is a tough question to answer as there are tons of departments with air units and most of them do things a little differently. You could try getting on with a department that has a unit that posts for pilot spots internally (some have even taken guys with no flying exp. and trained them up). You would have to work the street for a while and even when a spot opens, no guarantees you get it. You could get your CPL and then go work for a department that has a unit. You could get your CPL and build time and put in for one of the many units that post externally and hire you on as a civilia
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