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  1. I don't mean to thread hijack but what order did everybody do the theory in?
  2. I'm at about 8 hours so far, and i found that after my fourth i so when I'd got hovering down, I really began to enjoy flying so much more, as I knew the basics (flying straight, turns, hovering sort of thing) and could focus and enjoy much more on what we were doing rather than trying to work out wtf was happening around me
  3. If you look at the top of the blades there's a black box containing a snow mobile engine. But like everyone else has said, bloody scary. I'd wonder if they have a problem keeping it straight while moving forward and cutting
  4. quite the vintage yacht you've got there helilog!
  5. I've never heard of anything like that. It sounds like your new to flying? I got the same thing where my wrist would get tired, but give it time and allow the muscles to develop and the pain should go away
  6. close the thread and be done with it. Its just been derailed and isnt going to get anywhere.
  7. Im with AeronauticallyInclined That thing looks like something out of the 50's. I'd take an R-22 or 44 anyday.
  8. I'd see if you can get a demo somehow first - you don't want to drop $1100 into it then find out its nothing like the real thing. It sure looks awesome but!
  9. Thanks FauxZ The powerpoint presentation on the Octopus is available for download here
  10. I downloaded Logbook Pro the other day after seeing it mentioned in this thread, and its absolutely amazing! It does everything i need and more. Thanks guys
  11. Thats the sort of thing i was refering too! That guy is insane
  12. FLCFI, you did the right thing. Its your life, not your bosses. Find somewhere else to work that treats you and safety with a little more respect.
  13. hey dlo, I flew R/C heli a few years ago when i was a lot younger (about 15). I got into it because of my obsession with helicopters, but i couldn't actually fly yet! So i decided to try RC helis I haven't been flying them recently as i've been pretty tied down with exams, but once i'm finished i'll get back into it. I've seen all the aerobatics of the crazy R/C pilots and some of the stuff they do is insane! haha how i wish i could fly like that As for R/C helis vs real helis, i'd say there's a correlation, but its still heaps different, but every bit of experience helps!
  14. are there any decent online books floating around? I had a look in the online book thread and most of the links are broken or nonexistant now.
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