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  1. sounds like a good idea on paper, but their would be many problems that arise with that many people all being equal owners, I see how it could work in the perfect situation, but in most situations , I dont believe it would be easy or fair. everyone wants to pay less and fly more. and what would happen when overhaul comes around. if you had 14 equal owners, that would mean that each owner would get the helicopter for exactly one day each two weeks or one half day each week.. It does sound possible and sounds like it coiuld work, but who would train the pilots, would this cfi be available every hour for weeks on end, and what happens with the insurance and each 100 hour inspection... their are just alot of variables that would have to be worked out.... I really wish it was possible and I could get myself into a part ownership with maybe five people total.. keep us posted on the plan and how it would work.............
  2. You are going to incur education debt no matter what profession you choose - so why if Fry obsessed with helo flying? Did he personally fail to become a pilot & is stuck with loans? Is he a pilot & just bitching because he can't afford payments? well, fry is obsessed with helo flying for an uknown reason, as all of us are, maybe we took a ride or were facinated by helos. Of course fry is posting the financial burdon, which you all seem to think is negative, on a helo site were there are many aspiring pilots and people put in these situations, he is not calling out anyone or shooting anyones dream down, he is just letting the people who are not educated about how loans work and all of the interest that will accru. He is simply putting the facts on the table and letting you decide what to do with them, kindof like anyone else would, army reqruiter, flight school, landlord or whoever, except for fry is not bs ing anyone or sugar coating it. If you want the sugar coated version, go to ssh's website or any helicopter school website. they will quote you the faa minimums and just how easy it is to get the loan. anyone knows it is easy to get a loan, the hard part is paying it back, and swallowing the fact that a 60 thousand dollar loan will be 120 thousand by the time you pay it offf, and owning a house five to ten years after you finish your trainining will be extremly hard. maybe fry did personally fail to become a helicopter pilot and is stuck with loans, but honestly , who cares. what does that have to do with anything, he is just stating his opinion like anyone else... " if you dont have anything positive to say, then don't say anything at all""" we have all heard this one, and by fry stating the facts, and some dumb naive person thinking that somehow this is negative, that just is over my head. If you think loans, numbers and interest is negative and just by looking at them turns you away and this sounds negative, I guess you shouldn't take out a loan then. You might have to work you butt off before you become a pilot, then just pay cash, would that be anymore positive. ofcourse not, everybody wants the loan now and to become a helicopter pilot now, they don't want to have to work now for it. they want to work hard for it later right. even if fry is just a pilot, who is buried in loans, and just bitching about the loans. well that seems to be a great insight to a new and upcomming pilot. they might want to hear the truth. you are going to be paying on these loans forever, it is not going to be easy, nothing will be handed to you.... this is all the truth and is what everyone else 0n this site is saying. you can become a helicopter pilot ,,, for a large loan payment. that is all anyone is saying aboiut the stupid loans.. and if fry is buried in loans and just bitching about it, who cares, let him bitch, cause this is what goes on in internet forums... its a pissing and moaning contest and we are all the active participants.....
  3. in your case, i truly do not think it would matter or be disrespectfull to either school , if this is what you really want to do, but if you want 25 hours and that is it, you are just truly throwing your money away, save your money or get your ppl. The army will not care if you have a few hours in a helicopter that you will forget it all in a year anyway, they would much rather see a true interest in helicopters by you going out and getting your ppl and showing that this is what you really want to do. you need to be better than the next guy and if you don't get any kindof proof like a ppl in helicopters, than they will not even care that you sat in the seat for a few hours. I could see maybe getting five to ten hours , just to get the feel but not twenty five. and if this is what you are set on, I would go to the swiezter school, cause for one it is closer and for two, you do not need twenty hours of dual instruction before soloing... and one other thing, that is the army traininer that you would want to be somewhat familiar with. so that is what I would do, and if you have any say in the matter I would atleast get your private...
  4. hey guys, I have read a great deal of fry's posts and everthing he has said has been really really close to the truth with the truthfull numbers I have ran. he is not bashing on anyone, calling names or cussing anyone out. he is only stating the facts that everyone else likes to avoid. I really enjoy reading his posts because they make perfect sense. they are the absolut truth. he is not picking on anyone or raining on anyone's parade. if you think that a license is going to be handed to you with no payment , than you are smoking dope. sallie mae is the cop out way of doing things. sure they will gladly give you the money, and you could even start flying next week, but at what cost and for how long are you going to be suffereing for this loan. They even make your payments kind'of low. cause they drag out the agony for 10 -20 years. and they are laughing all the way to the bank while we are flying for pennies and trying to get to the wonder world of chief pilot for some company out in the middle of nowhere that flies rubber dog crap to third world countries. anyhow, fry is speaking nothing but the truth, and if you think the truth is pessimistic than you are not ready to commit to your training or the loan..
  5. hello which industry would you make more money in, being a professional pilot and why. I assume airplanes, cause there are more of them flying. buy helicopters pilots are probably harder to come by. Is there more job stability in airplanes as well... why why why.. dlo
  6. I was once told there was a website out there where students could listen in on big airports such as jfk to hear radio communications between the planes and tower. does anyone know what site this is. It just helps students get familiar with radio communications and talking to large towered airports??? thanks
  7. thank you all, I didn't know the minimum was only 19 for a ppl add on for rotorcraft. I would probably never do it in that but wow thats low. ok so the question is when training in airplanes. after I get my ppl in airplanes, can I get my instrament right after or do I have to get 250 hours first for my airplane commercial. if so, say my ppl takes me 50 hours, what are the requirements for instrament rating in airplanes????
  8. I am finishing up my airplane training right now, cause i wanted to get my feet wet to the aviation world and I could afford to fly quite a bit and not take out a loan. but my real interest is in flying helicopters. so after I get my airplane ppl, i think i can add on a rotorcraft ppl with a minimum of thiry hours. I will already know a few things that apply to aviation in general and I will be dual rated. \ my question is, should I possibly continue to train in airplanes after I get my ppl, maybe on to commercial, (which i would need 250 hours) if my heart is set on helicopters???? will it benifit me in any way or save me any money to get my commercial or cfi in airplanes, if all I really want is a private pilot in airplanes and a cfII in helicopters..????? I know this has been discussed before, but browsing through the threads there are so many hours and numbers thrown out there, with the possibiliy of going from ppl in airplane, to commercial and ppl in helicopters with only one check ride. im kindof confused... i want my ppl in airplanes but I want to know if it would benefit me anymore to train more hours in airplanes after my private if helicopters is what I really want to fly... thank you all dlo
  9. Fry's post was the very most truth. it was not idiotic and he is right on track. get an education, it opens doors, gives you more options and pay. going to college will mature you and help you get through life. the military is not a bad option for a young kid, but someone with a degree may choose to go strait into the field he has been studying. getting laid and making friends is all apart of life and making one mature. I don't know where james gets off saying that this is a bad idea or post. Does james have something better to add to this kids options??? I doubt it. If this kid did go to college for four years and then even the military for four years, i dont think he would be done wrong. This kid would have an education and military experience at only age 26. what more could you want. you cannot even become a doctor these days at 26, he would be way ahead of the game.
  10. hello, questions on medicals have came up and medication questions have came up as well... I was wondering if someone knew some of the cut and dry rules to being disqualified for your medicals to fly helicopters. I have came up with some questions that maybe some of you can answer for myself and others. how would these effect you medicals, would you be disqualified??? diabetes, diabetes controlled with oral medications... having only one leg or one hand, with a prostesis limb history or high blood pressure having only one good eye?? high blood pressure controled with medications??? depression controlled with medications. history of depression and antidepressant use for one year. history of alcoholism ten years ago active testicular cancer?? taking one or two painkillers a day for a recent back injury?? history of a heart bypass surgery with positive results.. spinal surgery ten years ago, with limited movement in your back having metal plates in your functional leg my point is that high blood pressure, diabetes, history or substance abuse or expirmentation, high cholesterol and clinical depression are some of the most popular diseases that many americans can expect to face in their life time. almost 25% of men over 40 will experience high blood pressure that is no longer high with a pill a day and I don't see how these could or would be automatic disqualifiers for being a pilot. I can see the medical problems that will directly effect your ability or judgement to fly a helicopter being disqualifiers, but who cares if someone has high blood pressure that is controlled by medications, or if someone has diabetes that is controlled and monitored each day. what if you have diabetes type 2 and you have an implanted insulin pump in your abdomen that monitors your blood sugar and controls it each hour. would this be considered ok to fly , a cure, so to speak, or would this be just too dangerous... I mean sure high blood pressure that is uncontrolled, can lead to a stroke sometime in ones life, but that is what medications are taken for, to cure the problem... Like i said before, are some of these problems something that you should just keep to yourself when visiting the faa medical examiner or do they do extreme background checks and verification of medical visits???
  11. hello, well I would guess bipolar would disqualify you to fly do to the labile moods and the lithium you are taking, lithium is a very dangerous drug with a very slim therapuetic range, meaning that if you take a few too many or you dose is too high, you can be seriously injured or killed. side effects of the lithium are pretty bad as well,. on the flip side, if you do not take enough lithium, it will not do anything for you and you could be prone to some manic or depressive moments, depending on how fast you mood cycles are??? On the other hand, zoloft, being one of the more powerful ssri antidepressant medications, with more side effects than chemotherapy and huffing paint together... I don't know what they would say about this.. but if your bipolar becomes stable, you could probably swich to a less potent ssri, or even do without them. As far as the antidepressant medications and disqualification, I don't know. I don't see how you could be disqualified for your 2nd or 3 rd class medical just for having a history of clinical depression. I think everyone experiences depression at times and I truley believe everyone has been depressed for atleast six weeks at one time or another in their life. Therefore there would be no pilots if that was the case.\ I don't believe you would be automatically disqualified for being diagnoses with clinical depression 10 years ago and took celexa or some other antidepressant medication for six months and then moved on with your life. Maybe this depression thing, is just something you don't mention to the doctor if it is resolved and you are no longer on any medications. But I really do not know what the rules set by the faa, for the doctor to disqualify you for your medical. can someone chime in and let us know a little more about certain drugs that definately disqualify you and some diagnosis that will definately disqualify you. \ I mean sure seizures, strokes, all mental health problems, possibly active substance abuse, head aches, migranes/ what about high blood pressure that is controlled with medication, what about flying while taking one vicodin a day for chronic back pain. what about depression controled by an antidepressant. what about history of testicular cancer what about diabetes?? what about history of substance abuse or alcoholism?? loss of feeling in your hands?? hypothyroidism cancer??? high cholesterol??? migranes??? what about certain medications, are you supposed to disclose everything to the faa doctor????
  12. Or if you are only 18, get a job, get some college under your belt, perhaps an aviation degree, save up some money, borrow a few dollars and go get your private pilots license in the mean time. that way you will really know if this is what you want to do and then decide whether or not you want to go for the whole cfi II .... it doesnt' always have to be all or nothing..... might want to just take it one step at a time....
  13. Very, very well said Bristol, I honestly believe, that any established flight school that lies, cheats and steals students money should be prosicuted to the fullest extent. I don't care if they didn't mean for it to happen or what. What happens if i go into a store a steal a CD... " but oh officer, it wasnt' supposed to be like this, I didn't do it, i was going to pay for it.""""" ok what is the difference between me stealing money from your wallet while you are not looking, or taking your money for services promised and then not holding that promise???"""" Want the answer NOTHING.... Some flight school owners need to learn a thing or two about business before opening one...... guess what, when you owe multiple people thousands of dollars, and you decide to walk off the face off the earth, or you are going through some hard times, your broke, your wife died, you got marrried..... Who cares what the example is..... bottom line, when you owe people money and decide to disapear for longer than two or three days,,, You CALL your customers and let them know why you cannot fullfill your promise at this time. YOu have to call you customers because they are always the key to your business. And another thing that is not new, excuses are just like ( you know what ) everyone has one and they are not worth anything because there is no excuse for stupidity and cowardism. You face you fears and your unhappy customers and then you concentrate on your plan. VERY bottom line............ Anyone that steals or rips off students of money to benefit themselves is a real scum bag and should be prosicuted for theft to the fullest extent. if it is over five hundered dollars it is a phelony, if you get three felonies, you strike out and never see daylight again. I hate theives almost as much as child molestors.........
  14. DebosDave, hey I understand your position, Maybe you could help save this mess and his reputation and just pass the word on to Doug that he should Tie up his loose ends, atleast for the time being, and drop these guys and phone call, It sounds like Doug is a good guy and even good guys make bad mistakes, but I definetly think a phone call is warrented, just to touch basis. It appears as if doug is running from his problems and not putting them on hold. Atleast these guys would know his own intentions if he would call them, and it sound like these guys would stop the postings and just wait around. but if you just wait around and doug is gone, no heli, no phone, not seen at all, these guys don't know what doug is up to or even if he is alive. Doug needs to call these people and let them know what exactly is going on and not push them aside, which is easy to do when you owe someone money...
  15. hello, well seen your post, and I do not know your situation at all, but i can offer a little advice. I two really good friends who I talk to on a regular basis. One is an air national gaurd pilot in california. One is A wanna be helicopter pilot who works on radar equiptment in Iraq currently. to make a long story short. both men are unhappy with thier circumstances and thought they would both be great pilots by now. The army guy went in for six years " to become a helicopter pilot as he was told"" he went to basic then AIT. ait was helicopter ground school, then went to korea for a year and never touched a helicopter, maybe just radar equiptment. then came home and went through some other crap. all in all, he did not get what he was promised, he seeked out a private pilots license for fixed wing while in korea, he paid the five grand or whatever just to make his warrent officer package look better. I beleive he has 112 units of college and almost his bachalors degreee.. to say the least. the army has gave him the run around and he hasn't been put into the pilot training program as of yet. he is in iraq now and has about a year left until his four years are up. he signed for six but thats only if he is a pilot by four years I believe. so he feels very cheated and very pisted off. he has not seen a heli yet. He thinks they are going to offer him a pilot position if he re enlists with the army in about 8-10 months. second friend, went into the gaurd, went to basic then to heli school, he flies once or twice a month he says and has been deployed to iraq once where he only flew a few missions. he doesnt like the pay, has no hours and had to leave his job a CHP to go to iraq and make pennies. he has no hours and said he was lucky to actually become a helicopter pilot in the gaurd. only a few guys actually get the pilot seats, and even if they give you everything in writing, "" which is yes you will become a helicopter pilot if you sign up for the gaurd for 6 years. They don't have to promise when you will become a helicopter pilot. I think this is crap and he says most people sign up for the six years and they are ready to go to basic and then helicopter school, but the gaurd sends them to basic and then makes them do non sence for like three years , then puts you into the program with the intentions that you will enlist for another four years. He is very pist cause he did get right through to the helicopter program from the national gaurd, but he has been deployed which is almost a gaurentee and it is not the two weeks a year one weekend a month thing anymore. he has no hours and cannot get a 1000 hour helicopter job. cannot get on with chp helicopter flying cause he could be deployed at anytime still and they do not want to put up the money to teach him to fly the CHP helicopter... " don't know why, he is already a pilot. he said only half of his flights he can log and only half of his flights are in the pilots seat. the other half is watching his buddy fly and just babysitting the controls.. ok sorry for the long post, im not trying to tell you what to do, or say that this is what happens to everybody , but these are just two real life stories that im sure everyone has if you look around. just proceed with caution and dont sign anything unless it is in writing and then know that the contract doesn't always mean much since the government does whatever they want anyway.... good luck and i hope all works out well for you
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