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  1. I notice the R44 has door shock obsorber struts that can be useful on a windy day Is it possible to get them on the r22 or could you buy them and fit them yourself?
  2. I watched a jetranger land today and noticed a spike fixed both to the top and bottom of the front of the cockpit .My instructer informed me that they were for wire strikes and that they would cut the wire if flown into one.Is there a mechanism that cuts or is it just a sharp blade.Can they be fitted to any helicopter?
  3. Anyone know of a training centre south coast boston on 22s thinking of going easter to visit brother would like to take a few hours there. thanks traveling from Ireland so need to sort out security aspect
  4. Thinking of storing fuel in the new hanger what type of storage tank is needed only for 22 holding about 2 to 3 hundred gallons does it need a special sealed lid is a plastic tank ok what about a drain facility going to put it on a frame gravity fed any advice would be grateful.
  5. how does the governor work on the robinson 22 anybody?
  6. Sitting with my instructer the other day with 75%rpm in the 22 and I engaged the governor switch nothing happened looked round to him and he informs me that unless we are at 80% nothing will happen.How does the governor work and is it foolproof just curious?
  7. I have heard there is an overhaul kit available for customers in europe costing in the region of $70.000 shipping them back to the states and then back to europe dosnt seem practical.
  8. sorry to ask this but what is a p49 and a tx -ponder?
  9. When they take them back to the factory do they strip them down to the frame or is it mainly mechanical ? just curious
  10. It is the feeling that the a/c due the overhaul might give up ,but this is because I still dont know enough about it to instill confidence in the machine. I have an engineering background and am learning all the time and it is early days (7 hours). the more I fly this thing the better it gets .But I just keep looking at the bloody clock.
  11. its not the difference in the aircraft. to tell you the truth I cant tell any difference due to limited flying experience, its the fact that one has been overhauled and the other one is soon due for overhaul, when they say"overhaul" what does this involve exactly and does it mean the machine is good for another 2200hrs
  12. I am currently training in a 22 with 70 hrs left before its 2200 overhaul also I train in an older 22 with 600 since its overhaul depending which is available.I feel more at ease in the older model or am I being stupid,has anybody else ever experienced this?
  13. now that you have explained the rating i am beginning to understand what you mean ,but running the 22 at 104% is the normal operating capacity as was my last flight lesson, but it now means that there is still plenty of margin left without wanting to cross over this figure , the 104% made me think that we were pushing the limits , good to know that this is not the case.
  14. So realistically it is only running at 2 thirds of its capacity at 104% ?
  15. why not just stay with 100% and what is the max the 22 can produce
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