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  1. I'm about 15 hours into my Commercial Add-On. A Robbie will attract and hold your attention, don't worry about that.
  2. I don't understand the outrage. All DPE's are required to evaluate a candidate against the practical test standards. If you meet the standard, you pass. There are no secrets, its all out there in the open. I don't know what a DPE could say that could give anyone an edge. You can meet the standard or you cant. A benefit to this - in my opinion - is it may serve to allow the student to feel a little more at ease having seen or meeting the DPE, freeing them to relax. Especially for newer pilots, the checkride can seem a little mysterious, not to mention nerve-wracking. Anything that can prepare the pilot for one of the best learning experiences they'll have is a good thing. One of the most informative and educational video's I've come across is a DPE on youtube going through a typical ride. When I took my ride (with another instructor), what I learned from the video helped tremendously.
  3. cg, did you ever enroll? Just wondering if you have, and if you care to share your experiences thus far. I too am in N Phoenix, and I'm considering UHI as well. Jerry
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