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  1. Lyn, I think we are done with this witch hunt. You're not going to find anything. I've answered all the questions I am going to. You haven't done this with anyone else. So you must be on a witch hunt because of either my reporting the guy in the video or you're buddy buddy with DP. So that's fine. Message heard loud and clear I will extricate myself from your wonderful community because I clearly an not qualified.
  2. You don't like the Rotorway??? I always wanted one of those. I've heard a lot of nice things about them. What don't you like about it? They are coming out with a certified version and I was thinking about buying one.
  3. That is part of the plan too but I have to warn you insurance requirements will be very high. I think the last quote I heard was something like 1500 to 2000 hours with 100 recent and a school checkout (Hence my post asking for a company that does checkouts in the 205). We are working on the official quote but it is slow going. The original plan was for us to take care of the costs and private owners would bring the aircraft. Due to FAA rules we had to nix that idea for the time being and now are purchasing some used equipment. We have a number of A&Ps who are willing to donate their time (and will have apprenticeships!), and we are talking with some suppliers to donate parts and fluids but nothing is concrete yet. Down the road we hope to be able to include private owners but that whole Part 91/Part 135 thing is a killer. We do hope to offer SIC time to new pilots trying to build turbine time when doing transport and Rkymtnhi and I had discussed having Heliops students help with the transport to missions. That obviously is no longer the case. We will have volunteer positions as crew and will train those that qualify. We also will need a small army of support personnel. Anyone of those you could probably qualify while you are still building hours. I would highly recommend given your background you look at the Civil Air Patrol. It is a great organization and a place that could really use your skills. It would also allow you to cross train on fixed wing which might make you more marketable in the aviation industry.
  4. Now Lyn, if this is not singling me out let me ask you to do the same request for Dennis/DP/RkyMtnHI as I have always wanted to know what his qualifications were. As far as I know he only has a private pilot cert for helicopters, yet he asked for my qualifications as well. Clay why don't you start your own thread as well listing your qualifications as you both post a lot and I would love to hear about your back ground. I know you fly a lot in the Gulf (and no kidding) I would love to hear more about it.
  5. Lyn, I have helicopter experiance flying the R22, R44, 300CB, Bell 205, 206, and of course the OH-58. I have fixed wing experiance with 172RG, AG5B, C-152, C-172, C-182, C182T, DA40-61, Decathlon, E-33A, PA28-140, PA28-200, PA28-236. Again I am a commercial pilot and rather than me telling you here, why don't you get it from the horses mouth at the FAA airman database.
  6. No, that's fine Translift. I don't see it as an attack at all, actually all this noise might work out in my favor as we hope to soon be looking for others for Thunderbirds. Probably early next year though.
  7. That is the plan, we hope to be international. As we are a new organization much is still up in the air. I am part of a group of pilots who get called every year to volunteer our time and aircraft to support relief efforts. I flew a number of missions for Katrina and I forget the name of the hurricane that hit Texas the following year. Every time we got a call it was really difficult to everything together. So we decided to start Thunderbirds with dedicated resources like the Civil Air Patrol. You haven't heard a lot about us as we are not ready to go public yet. The website is up so we have somewhere to point people we are talking to and to host our email.
  8. Actually Translift, I do work full time for Thunderbirds as their chief pilot. It is not just me but I am part of the management. But I also have a side business doing web and software development part time when I can. The resume you are looking at is tailored to the computer industry. I suspect the reason Lyn called me out in public is due to a dispute with another member of VR who has decided to let it spill out publicly. Lyn unfortunately is caught in the middle due to his association with this person.
  9. Sure Lyn, be happy to. As mentioned before I am a dual rated commercial pilot (feel free to look me up in the FAA database) for both Fixed wing and Helicopters. I have been flying off and on for about 20 years. I started flying fixed wing in high school in Fl and was a Cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. I attended the University of Central Florida studying both Aerospace and computer science and was a Air Force ROTC cadet with intentions to be a Air Force pilot. I wasn't smart enough for the Air Force ;-) so I transferred into the Army during the end of collage to fly helicopters. But left shortly into my career due to medical issues. I left the Army honorably. I didn't fly again for about 10 years while I played in the Internet space helping to start to software companies as both a software developer and later in management. I walked away not rich but with a bigger bank account. When I went back to flying I bought into a airplane partnership and started doing aerial photography in the Washington DC area, later I added a R22 (which was loaned not a partnership from another owner in the DC area, he agreed to put me on his insurance if I would keep the aircraft flying). I worked with a number of local photographers and later expanded into doing real-estate surveys. I did that for a number of years until I moved out here. I used to be a FAA safety rep and participated in producing FAA Wings programs. While I am no longer active with the FAA I should still be listed as a Safety rep. I am also a pilot with the Civil Air Patrol and have been flying with them for some time now. The blue flight suit picture is a Civil Air Patrol uniform at the Dulles Smithsonian "Be a Pilot day" a few years ago hence the 1st Lt. bars. I am also a K9 handler with my dog Chewie with a FEMA/NASAR volunteer K9 team doing wilderness search and rescue hence the SAR vest on my dog. I am also a certified rescue diver and first responder. Currently I am the chief pilot with Thunderbird Rescue. There are 8 "employees" in the organization and a number of volunteers. There are 3 other pilots besides me. We are acquiring a few aircraft on the used market, specifically we are looking at bell 205s and 222s (Hence my recent post requesting DOCs for both). We are a 501c3 nonprofit and a Colorado state corporation. And currently applying for a Part 135 certificate. All of which as you point out are easily found on the Internet.
  10. I asked one of our pilots who is a Seaplane instructor (useless rating to have in CO) about this. He says no, because they are over the "ocean" and thus an unpopulated area. And while it is hard to tell from the video it seems like they meet the requirements to be 1000 feet from any person or building in a unpopulated area (they are at sea). It actually looks like the guy is landing at the end of the video but I am not sure. Same thing would apply to Helicopters. So from the FARs he is probably safe, there is nothing that he was aware of that specifically covers killer whales, but depending on where this video is shot it could be a natural habitat and then some altitude restrictions would apply to both fixed wing and helicopters. There might be some environmental protection (or some other) agency rules that apply but they don't usually regulate the sky. There are lots of companies who do aerial whale watching as do many government and environmental agencies. Having said that. The press is full of idiots, and the eco nut cases who tend to gather around whales like this are even worse. So they sit around and spout anything they want and the press eats that crap up, and of course never checks its validity. I don't think this guy has anything to worry about other than some overzealous eco nutcases.
  11. It is just shocking to me that people would jump to this guys defense. I can't believe the response outside of VR that I have heard about in this guys defense. If this was your aircraft or someone who flew for you would you find this acceptable? If you can say yes to this you need your head examined. Regardless of if he was legal or not it was clearly reckless. More importantly the FARs are the "MINIMUM STANDARD" not the goal. Each of us has a responsibility to fly better than the standard. And the hidden "Pilot Brotherhood"? Really? This isn't some union picket line I crossed. This is an idiot flying stupid pure and simple. You guys are acting like I ratted out a member of the Crips or the Bloods. This isn't a street gang where everyone protects someone wearing the same colors or who lives on the same block. Really?? Trying to get me fired because I reported this ass. You need a serious reality check about what safe flying looks like. Wonder what your chief pilot would think about your defense of this idiot or that you called my company trying to get me fired. What if that was your kid in the boat or on the dock. This guy is a private pilot. And does not meet the maturity requirements for it. Defending this guy is like defending a drunk driver. And yes if I see someone I think is driving drunk you bet your ass I will report him and follow him till the cops show up, and I am proud to say I have done it before. I stand by my decision to turn him in. And have nothing to explain or prove to anyone of you.
  12. More importantly, you guys who are defending this guys actions should be ashamed of yourselves. You know full well that he was out of line and acted with extreamly poor judgement. And to have it caught on video? Good god, if I ever get caught like this the FAA better pull my ticket. One has to wonder why the suggestion that the FAA should know about this would cause such a response from some people. Maybe his flying and poor judgement hits close to home. I sure hope you are not flying like this. You're acting like children on the play ground. You're adults, grow up.
  13. Ok, you guys who are calling Heliops need to stop it (That means you Clay). I don't work for Heliops, I have flown with Dennis once. You guys are completly out of line. You don't need to know who I am or who I work for. Trying to get me fired because of a post I made on a website is completely out of line.
  14. Well the picture doesn't show us much. I am sure someone here knows the story. But I assume since both the boat and the Heli have police on the side and the guys are all in uniform this might be a police training exercise. I would imagine (from my experience participating in these sorts of ops) that a lot of preparation went into the planning of this event. The boat crew is there for safety while the helicopter engages in high risk training. There is probably a plan for if something goes wrong with the aircraft and the boat is also responsible for keeping the public clear. Note both the aircraft and the boat are police vehicles, note the rescue divers in the boat with helmets on and the one in the water. Looks like they are either picking up rescue divers or training to pick up people in the water. Picking or dropping off anyone in the water is extremely risky and requires practice to do it right. I could be wrong here but that is what it looks like from the single picture you provided. Big difference in training and joy riding. Our future member of the Darwin award from the video did nothing to protect those around in case of emergency. Didn't have anyone to keep the public clear and in point of fact seems to go out of his way to approach the passing boat. Again our idiot in the video was joyriding and the guys in this picture seem to be training. And seem to have taken the necessary precautions to protect everyone. There are good reasons to fly at low level above the water like "Sky King" but that wasn't the time. Water Rescue, Helitac (IE Aerial firefighting), etc all require low slow flight over water. It is inherently dangerous and takes significant training, planning and preparation to do it right. And even then with all your planning something can go wrong. If people are standing around watching close by they can get hurt if things go wrong.
  15. Rat? really, what is this elementary school? It is amazing to me how quick you and Clay are to jump to this guys defense. I am sure both you and Clay are excellent pilots. But let's be real here, this guy was flying dangerously. Yes, we all have moments where we are exposed to difficult and dangerous flying. Yes, you do the same thing when you fill up your bucket, but you're doing a job and I am sure ensuring the area is clear and safe as it can be. Clay I am sure you fly in the H/V curve every day. We all do. And most of the time we do it safe. We do it as part of our job. Helicopters are just inherently dangerous and that is part of why not everyone can do it. But this guy was completely out of line and clearly doing something inappropriate. This guy was showboating pure and simple. But clearly you both can't see the bigger picture here. Let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt, he probably had permission to do the flight, he probably had permission to throw objects from the aircraft, Yes he can "legally" fly that low. Did he believe he was safe? In "Sky king's" mind I am sure he was god of aviation and couldn't possible get into trouble. But the reality is he very well could have and put others lives at risk, though I doubt they realized that. But more importantly the issue is one of perception. A lot of people don't like helicopters. They think they are dangerous. There are ongoing attempts to severely impact our industry due to perceptions of show boaters just like this idiot in the video. By example I give you the ADIZ around Washington DC and the ongoing attempts at new rules for flights in and around long island. (Remember this post by Lynn? http://tinyurl.com/397ohwm) Did any General Aviation pilots have anything to do with the attacks on 9/11? Yet General Aviation is excluded from the airspace in and around DC. Know how many aviation companies went out of business because of this? I am sure 99% of all pilots in and around Long Island are flying within the FAA rule of law. Yet even though they flew legally pilots operating in that area are now at risk of increased cost to fly, limitations on where they can fly, and in some cases could be put out of business all together. Remember the idiot who flew his plane into the IRS building in Texas? Now there is legislation for putting up a no fly zone around the city. ALL BECAUSE OF PERCEPTION..... Now let me be clear here. I do not work for the FAA, nor have I ever been an employee of the FAA. I have no control over this persons certificate nor the outcome of any investigation. I am not Judge Jury and Executioner. However I am a commercial pilot, I earn income as a pilot. I don't have to explain or defend my actions to either of you. Nor do you need to know who I am or who I fly for. However I am smart enough to recognize the threats to our industry because of dipshits like this. It is up to us to ensure each of us flies safe and responsible or we risk big brother coming in to do the job for us. We can't just sit and be pilots and let someone else police the bad guys. So do you want a ADIZ like airspace around every city in the country? Do you want to be limited to specific route and altitudes to fly? Let dipshits like this keep flying like this and that is exactly what you will get.
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