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  1. The Pacific Northwest would be nice too. This looks like Oregon/Washington area. Not sure what squadron this is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWu8JIUngy8
  2. My station got a new commander (previous commander was directly handling my packet) and the new recruiter called me the other day and told me my waiver was not approved. Not really sure who I can call to verify, or if I even should.
  3. I was told that once you're enlisted, the board will focus on what you've done in the military. Maybe that's why, idk. They specifically said that because it was alcohol related that I couldn't get a waiver for it (again seems to contradict your experience). It very well may be different for us civilians. I'll probably end up doing that. Hopefully I can work my way up to crew chief, at the very least.
  4. Good luck to everyone on this upcoming board!
  5. Thanks Yamer. I'm definitely not using it as a way around. I just think it's fair to my wife to go Guard. Our deal was that if I don't get in this year, she will go to law school and I will try Guard/Reserves. I've also heard there are full time Guard positions? I'm waiting to hear back from my local Guard unit.
  6. Sorry for the long.post! I want to be completely honest and put everything out there so I might get some feedback. Thanks ahead of time! Now I'm in the same boat as Delta53. I got a Public Intox in 2009 (I had been drinking and chose not to drive...had to walk down a street with no sidewalk just off campus...cop was bored, I think) class C misdemeanor. It required a moral waiver and yesterday I was told USAREC is not giving out moral waivers. I'm not giving up but it's all about timing. Since it was my only blemish and it was 5 years ago I was hoping it wouldn't be an issue but I understand the competitiveness, especially during the draw down. I've been told it isn't possible to appeal and there is no telling how long I would have to wait to reapply since it was already a long time ago. Any advice for me and Delta would be greatly appreciated! My wife is (was) putting off law school for me to pursue my Army aviation dreams but now I feel it is unfair to keep her in limbo. I don't want to use the Guard/Reserves as a back door, simply an option that may work better for us moving forward. Guard slots are hard to come by, I know but my question is this: Since I didn't get a USAREC waiver am I dead in the water with NG? Is it still up to the guard's discression? I'm considering enlisting as a 15T to get some experience, prove myself worthy and build a rapport.
  7. I walk the tight rope as I understand my place as an outsider. 98% of people on this forum are 100% more knowledgeable than I but aviation is my passion and I love the conversations.
  8. These systems definitely have their place; as well as UAVs. Even if only to help with pilot fatigue. As you alluded to, they could even be more beneficial than manned aircraft is certain circumstances but I also think there will always be a need for certified and rated pilots, no matter how good technology gets. Call me an optimist.
  9. I don't want to be in that helicopter where the rated pilot was completely replaced by a computer.
  10. Those Navy cruise videos are pretty cool. If I went Navy tho, I think I would try to fly this beast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sD6n6FmMqU&app=desktop
  11. Would that sort of thing hurt your resume/flight experience (never having done a full autorotation)?
  12. Well if you passed it you can't take it again. That's your score for life. It sounds like your passing score was grandfathered in too.
  13. Ha! I know right? It's tough! The best I've been able to do so far is 13:38 and I felt like I was flying. I was thinking for sure I'd be in the 12's. Doing sprint intervals has helped tremendously.
  14. Agreed. The Ka-52 is an awesome beast but coaxial rotors in general seem dangerous. Not only from the amount of torque on two stacked swashplates but also I read somewhere that the torque of pulling hard maneuvers can cause the blades to come in contact with one another. That would be a bad day. Seems dicey.
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