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  1. Thanks for all the information! That's exactly what I figured would happen Velocity173, thanks.
  2. Does anyone know what happened/will happen with the Tennessee National Guard's 58s? Did they get to keep them? trade them for 60s? It is hard to find any info on this other than some random news outlets stories from back when they first talked about taking them all away. Any info would be great! Thanks!
  3. You are in luck, sir. I happen to have two photos of their operation in the UK.
  4. If so you can get the Alabama one cause its accepted in pretty much all the same states... basically any carry permit is good anywhere you go except the crazy states a.k.a the West Coast and the North East.
  5. Keep your head up, get out of the Army, use your GI Bill for flight training, fly the vast array of civilian aircraft and if you really want to fly in a military setting become a contractor. Your dream of becoming an aviator only dies when you give up... you may never fly in a uniform but it doesn't mean you can't fly. Now, GET AFTER IT MAN!!!
  6. Go for it man! And good luck on that instrument check ride!
  7. This pretty much sums it up: I got a kick out of this photo but personally I'd choose the active route. As far as life after, there are plenty of defense contractor companies that will gladly hire you and KEEP you. Catch is, you gotta do your research and not just pick a company based on the biggest salary they offer. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  8. Seen it from the air? If you can afford it, check it out via helicopter!!! Preferably while you're at the controls!!!
  9. Hey I just wanted to give everyone a good luck shout out sense yals board is right around the corner! Get some!!!
  10. True story but the predator family has serious potential if the operators were trained better. It is hit or miss, some of the operators figure it out and can be a real asset in the sky while others (if you've flown overseas you've probably come across the ones I'm talking about) can just be a pain in the ass. It all goes back to being situational like I mentioned earlier but the Grey Eagle can do great things with a mature, experienced/well trained crew. Roger. That's what I figured you meant but I had to ask because the guys in the video (at least to two Cols) have plenty of experience
  11. No one with any real credibility has said the current (active) UAVs would be effective in contested airspace. The next generation is certainly working to be more effective in other combat scenarios and exploring options, this is where the "future" with UAVs comes in. No one is stupid enough to send a wave of Predators in to a N. Korea, Russia, or China without ensuring we have at least a moderate level of control over the airspace. Maybe as decoys when they get older and the next gen comes out haha... but seriously even then I highly doubt it! Everyone gets so defensive like the UAV is the
  12. Yeah but WWII was all about pride and unit tattoos instead of my generations obsession with giant meaningless tribal war paint "sleeves" and some asian language that simply says "water". I wonder if when you go to China or Japan you see people walking around with the word water or air written in English haha. P.S. I have no issues with tattoos, to each their own (even the tribal sleeves).
  13. Just to be clear, are you saying the three military officers in the video are the "non-experts" that you speak of? Or are you talking about others behind the scenes that we don't see in this video? And the UAV vs human eyes is completely situational and depends on so many factors, it's hard to say indefinitely that human eyes on target are better than human eyes looking through a 2 million dollar camera. Some cases yes, but definitely not 100% or even 75%-50% of the time.
  14. Does anyone know if there has been a similar meeting held publicly to discuss the fixed wing ISR side of things? One gentlemen asked a question about it and was told to speak off line with the Col about getting in touch with the right people. I'm just curious as to how things on that side of the house could be changing. If anyone sees any recent/current articles of videos regarding fixed wing manned/unmanned ISR I'd appreciate a heads up. Thanks. Oh and thanks for the share, I feel that was a well spent 1:10 and worth the watch if you have time.
  15. I'd imagine thats a good way to go deaf sitting there but if you gotta get extracted out that bad I'd say hearing loss is the least of your worries!
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