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  1. Call your recruiting station and just ask one of the recruiters to check for you
  2. Haven't heard back yet, any word on the selection rate?
  3. Was told the board was this week. You're 100% sure it's next week?
  4. This thread is shockingly dead/short for a board week
  5. Assuming you're applying for active and not guard, I haven't heard that from my recruiter yet. That doesn't mean it's not true, I might have just not gotten the word yet.
  6. If you're applying as a civilian can you get a letter of recommendation from a retired CWO or do they have to be active? I spoke to a retired CW5 who didn't believe he was eligible to write LoR since he wasn't active anymore. Edit: To be more specific, he cited #9 http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_faq.shtml But I thought this was only for people in the Army applying for Warrant Officer in general.
  7. For the FBI yeah, but I've never heard of someone in the Army needing a poly for a TS. I still wouldn't recommend trying to hide it, especially if it's something minor like this.
  8. Not to be "that guy" but I've never heard of a polygraph for a TS either.
  9. Apply through this guy. The fact that he knows all of that already is incredibly rare in my experience. 95% of the recruiters out there will tell you "it's incredibly competitive and you won't get picked up" before knowing anything about you.
  10. I just went into another office, they were able to pull it over digitally.
  11. How is it determined if you stay there for one year or four? Do you have to request to leave or do you get voluntold?
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