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  1. So I was told yesterday that my board was cancelled due to a number of reasons.


    One being that applicants who were selected in August have to wait to ship out even later than usual. Which supposedly required the National Board for the 28th of November to be cancelled and the next one won't be until MARCH 2017.


    The other being that I was the only one scheduled for a board so they decided it wasn't worth their time since it was just one person.


    Does anyone have any insight to validate this? My recruiter said it is probably affecting everyone nation wide so I want to know if he's telling me the truth or if he's just trying to cover up his inability to submit my papers on time?




    Are you current military or a civilian?

  2. If you're applying as a civilian can you get a letter of recommendation from a retired CWO or do they have to be active? I spoke to a retired CW5 who didn't believe he was eligible to write LoR since he wasn't active anymore.


    Edit: To be more specific, he cited #9 http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_faq.shtml


    But I thought this was only for people in the Army applying for Warrant Officer in general.

  3. Steve0 you can be trained to dodge a lie detector. Need to do your research though. Brian, look at what it takes to become an FBI agent. There are different categories of TS. TS SCI, TS stand alone, TS with a Poly etc. I'm just saying in the future if he were to apply for a position that required a TS and a poly he would have difficulty.

    For the FBI yeah, but I've never heard of someone in the Army needing a poly for a TS.


    I still wouldn't recommend trying to hide it, especially if it's something minor like this.

  4. I'm at WOCS currently as a street to seater. Got here beginning of August and on holdover status now. I know there were two our of 11 guys from my company in BCT that were straight out of high school. Just gotta be on top of your stuff and not act like you're straight out of high school...

    Security hold or just on a bubble?

  5. For those of you that have switched recruiters, how did you get your paperwork transferred? I feel like my recruiter is too focused on putting her on packet in for OCS and is not helping me at all. It takes her two to three days to answer most of my texts and she said that is her preferred method of communication??? Do I ask her for a copy of everything or do I just talk to a different recruiter get the paperwork from her?


    I just went into another office, they were able to pull it over digitally.

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  6. Just got back from my battalion board interview. I already did one in February, but since its been so long, they made me come in again. They said I only got a 63/75 last time.


    I thought I did a much better job this time, but I felt their critiques were a little strange. One big thing was flight time. One of the officers asked, "I see you got recommendation letters from some pilots. Did any of those pilots take you up in an Apaches and fly around? Because that's really what Im expecting as far as someone going in, they should have that experience."


    C'mon, really? Thats just sounds ridiculous and Im sure there is some protocol that prevents some dude off the street hopping in the gunner seat of an Apache and flying a training mission.


    The guy in charge basically said, "I don't think you are going to get selected. Your packet isn't very strong, and the selection rate for this is really low. You would have a better chance going in OCS. Im not going to write you a strong recommendation because I don't think you are up to par with the others applying." Said my battalion score would probably be around the same score they gave me last time.


    The CW5 that wrote me a LOR said I had the best packet he had seen in a year!


    I hope this doesn't screw me up for the national board.


    With all due respect to them, they sound misinformed. The last selection board for civilians was 50/51 for fully qualified applicants.


    If a CW5 thinks you've got a strong packet I'd sleep easy.

  7. Hello all,

    So I am an ARNG officer who commissioned 12 months ago. I have 24 months from my commissioning date to attend BOLC. Current flight school spot for my unit is in 12 months, but it isn't my slot (I am #2 on the OML). The current estimate is that I will go FY18. So seeing how that will put me past my 24 month requirement to attend BOLC, I have been told that my unit will have to pass up a waiver for the 24m regulation.


    So the question I have right now is this; Has anyone here been faced with the same issue in the careers or seen someone with it? if so what happened?


    People in my unit have not seen this problem before so I want to try to prepare as much as possible so I don't lose my commission and my dream of flying helicopters professionally.


    Thank you!

    Does ARNG let you pick your branch or is it based on OML at OCS?

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