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  1. The journey of 1000 steps begins with....a decent recruiter.
  2. Damn, my mom lost hers (they're like $300 to replace) and my dad is out of state. I'll have to get on that ASAP, thanks!
  3. Do you need the actual naturalization forms or just the number?
  4. Do you need to get the clearance before going to basic? Both my parents immigrated here and I still have a lot of family overseas, I'm a bit worried that that will delay my ship date.
  5. How long does it take for you to get a secret security clearance?
  6. I'll either be January or March, just depends on when I take my battalion board interview. I was also Class II on the dental and like I said I got the stamp from Rucker.
  7. Does anyone know 100% what the deadline for civilians is when it comes to the boards? I was told the deadline on USAREC is only for active members and that civilians can submit their packets up until a few weeks before the board convenes.
  8. 9 days for me, but I probably had the easiest flight physical in the world too review. No waivers, allergies, 20/20 vision and I've never broken a bone or been to the ER. Edit: it could have been shorter than that, it was the first time I called.
  9. Thanks man, just another thing to cross off the list. I don't live up there anymore but I got mine done at Fort Drum (upstate NY) and the wait time was only like 2-3 weeks.
  10. Just called Rucker, my physical is stamped and good to go. Best of luck today man!
  11. I believe 5'4" is the cutoff, but it might be possible to get a waiver if your legs and arms are long enough.
  12. Where exactly in South Florida are you? I'm in the Tampa area and could probably direct you towards my recruiter.
  13. I didn't know this program existed until about 2 years ago, and I'd been looking into flying in the military since high school.
  14. I read at Drum that the average age of a 160th pilot is 41, I find that incredibly hard to believe. Anyone know first hand?
  15. No problem man, we're all trying to get to the same place here. Might as well help each other out along the way.
  16. I'd try and make dental your last stop. That way they can make sure everything else is good to go.
  17. Haha thanks, but I was lucky to be in a situation where I could afford to pay for a flight to get up there. I saw it as an investment in myself.
  18. Embrace the suck, worst case you're boarding in January! My eyes weren't too bad actually, couldn't read forms but a few of the front desk people helped me out at each department
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