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  1. GPA and Major? Not trying to be nosey, I've just never heard of this program before this post. Kind of figured when PLC didn't work out for me I had missed out on my chance to explore fixed wing.
  2. What's your background if you dont mind me asking? I'd imagine an SNA contract is pretty competitive
  3. My freshman year of college I was contracting with the Marines on a PLC aviation contract. I had a good GPA and was in better shape than I am today (although hopefully not for much longer). I was a serious applicant, but my experience with my Marine OSO was very different. He was an infantry officer before becoming a recruiter and maybe that had something to do with it, but he absolutely hated the fact that I wanted an aviation contract. Was unhelpful when it came to things like what to study for with the ASTB and in general was kind of a dick. I guess all im saying is don't base everything on the route to getting selected. That being said, Lindsey is right in saying you only have a sliver of a chance of getting Medevacs. If you'd prefer Navy/Marine OCS, go for it.
  4. He writes in broken English, I feel like he's a Nigerian prince who needs my help.
  5. Thanks for the info! I kind of figured Monday-Friday would be all about flight school. But I'm only 21 and single so no family time to devote the weekends too. I'm definitely more of a city person so this should be interesting haha
  6. I know Ruckers in lower Alabama, but how rural is the area around there? Is there stuff to do or do you have to leave the area to find entertainment?
  7. I read on Reddit that all the flight school students live off of "freedom drive." Are you guys close to there?
  8. I'm searching man, got in touch with a local acquaintance of mine who just branched aviation to find out where they got theirs done.
  9. I used this and it covered basically everything on the test. If you can't do the math portion, it helps explain it how to get each answer. At the very least it'll help you identify which parts you'll need a refresher on. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/361395084418?ul_noapp=true&chn=ps&lpid=82
  10. Both, but I'm at a bit of a crossroads as to what to do. Called the 3 closest Army bases to my house and was told by all that they only serve the "local area." My recruiter said he was working on scheduling one for me on his end, and said that he "got me an appointment, but they cancelled it" at one of the 3 bases I called. Not sure if he's telling the truth, full of it or just not sure on who to contact etc. Got annoyed and called my local MEPS station to find out who the regional flight physician is, Army liaison said he knew who/how to schedule it but didn't want to tell me. Told me to have my recruiter contact him personally to get it done. So tomorrow I'll relay that info to my recruiter and hope to have this annoying mystery solved.
  11. Surprised they let you test before going in for a MEPS physical. I'm currently stuck waiting for a time slot to open up for a flight physical, but that's all I need before my battalion board.
  12. I got a 62, completely bombed the hidden figures.
  13. Is this not fairly similar for helicopters? Need a place to refuel/rearm etc.
  14. Thanks, got to help the civvies keep up with the conversation
  15. Your selection could be 20 people with 17 Hawks and 3 64's or 4 people with 2 Hawks and 2 C-12's. If the Hawks go first you're stuck with a C-12.
  16. I just really don't want a C-12, so if I got stuck with that I'd probably be pretty "upset." But I know the odds of that even being in a selection are slim.
  17. Has anyone ever gotten out of what they were given in selection? I assume it's pretty iron clad but just curious
  18. Spoke to Rucker, was told that yes a civilian can do it but that Rucker is not the base that takes care of people from Tampa. Was told to try Benning and Stewart, so that's my next step.
  19. Thanks for the heads up! I just said Rucker because it's the closest Army base to me (I'm in Tampa,FL) but I'll call around.
  20. Awesome find StockTrader! I will give them a call tomorrow and let you guys know what the deal is. Thanks to everyone who responded!
  21. MEPs is done. Sorry, I should have included that in my original post.
  22. I took and passed the SIFT on 9/11/15. Since then, I've been trying to schedule a flight physical, but my recruiter seems clueless on how to do this. He called me a week ago and said that he was waiting to hear from his "recruiting battalion" on how to proceed, but I'm not sure why it takes 3 weeks to get a simple question answered. All I want to know is if I can schedule and go to my flight physical by myself, or if I need my recruiter to do it. If I can, who exactly should I contact at Rucker to schedule it? (Rucker is the closest Army base to me)
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