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  1. If it's necessary, I'll absolutely get lasik to pursue WOFT. But I would just rather avoid it and the delays it will bring to my packet. Thanks for the info!
  2. Appreciate the info man! I know all of this will be explained to me when I take that flight physical, but the waiting game just sucks. I hope you're correct and good luck with your packet!
  3. This is what I'm worried about! I just looked at the MEPS form again and it says 20/25 for far sight (left eye). It does say correctable to 20/20 but not sure if I can just wear contacts/glasses instead of getting PRK. Edit: Not sure if this is a factor in the decision but it also says "autorefraction By -.25 S. -0.75 CX 171"
  4. Mind if I ask what your vision was before lasik? I went to MEPS and had 20/25 vision in one eye, I don't have glasses or anything but I can't seem to get a definitive answer on if that is going to be a problem. Thanks either way!
  5. 28 doesn't seem that bad, I know a lot of people who apply are 30 cause this is their "last shot". Not to mention you would at a minimum get looked at by 6-8 boards. I wouldn't sweat it, but that's easy for me to say since I'm 21. I'm sure someone on this board will have some insight.
  6. Ah ok, well once I get my board interview and physical done ill post the rest of my stats. Good luck to you too!
  7. Same SIFT score lol hopefully I can get that flight physical done and make this board! On the civilian side of course
  8. Congrats everyone! Hopefully im only two months behind you all.
  9. What percentage of Army aviators are warrant officers, as opposed to commissioned officers? It seems in a lot of these selections there are a lot more LT's than warrants.
  10. I don't really have a recruiter per say, the guy I first spoke too was just there to i guess shadow how recruiting worked before actually going the school. He's gone now, so I basically just ask whoever is in the office to help me out and they usually do.
  11. I started my process in late July, now that I'm the one doing a packet, I see how it can take someone months to years to get all the way through
  12. Not very far unfortunately, I was supposed to take the SIFT on the 31st but my recruiter messed up the time so it got pushed back two weeks (because of Labor day). So I took it on 9/11, passed, and am now waiting for a flight physical date.
  13. Haha good luck buddy! Wanted to make this board but that was definitely an unrealistic timeline.
  14. Is the promotion to CW2 based mostly on TIS? Sort of like O-1 to O-2
  15. Sorry to hear that man, would you consider active or just going to wait it out?
  16. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it is waiver-able. https://forums.goarmy.com/thread/238034
  17. I was DQ'd from WOFT because I couldn't grow a mustache.....
  18. I was under the impression it's about a 40/60 split for seats, that being the civilians get the 40%. While civilians only get 40% of the seats, there are a lot less people vying for them as opposed to the people who are AD applying for the other 60% of seats.
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