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  1. This sounds a lot like that actual survey they did a few years back that found that officers are happier than enlisted personal
  2. Yeah I just tried the cowboy gun thing. *left eye dominant*
  3. I have a SWEET, 2 and a half week goatee coming in
  4. This was a pretty interesting read. http://www.usaarl.army.mil/TechReports/2000-22.PDF
  5. I was dying at the 2:15 mark with those hand gestures. However, I will see your pro apache video and raise you this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c0PMBNxdJ4
  6. I totally understand that they look for the whole package, not just your SIFT score. I was just trying to say that a higher score can only help.
  7. I guess I better strive to join the 70's club
  8. Appreciate the input guys. Luckily, that study guide I picked up does cover a lot of the stuff you listed like drag, coning etc. But I'll definitely take a look at the FAA handbook, if it helps me answer a handful of questions, it'll be worth it.
  9. Did you feel like the FAA section helped? I've heard mixed reviews on that. All I've studied so far is the "SIFT: Study Guide" by Accepted inc.
  10. Very nice! What did you use to study? I'll be taking the SIFT soon.
  11. Shindig, has the 160th reached out to you yet? You'd probably fit right in with them.
  12. Ok thanks for the input guys. When you go for the flight physical did you have to redo the duck walk and all that good stuff again?
  13. I went to MEPS the other day and the doc wrote down that I have mild and asymptomatic flat feet. I can't seem to get a definitive answer online or on this forum if this is a disqualifier, waivable or even an issue when you take a flight physical. Any flat footed pilots out there, or someone who know anything about this? I was fully cleared for service by MEPS but not sure how this will play out when I go up to Rucker for the fp.
  14. I'm catching a surprising about of flak from the people I thought would be most supportive of me pursuing WOFT. I graduated from college 3 months ago and half of my family thinks I'm trying to join the Army out of desperation of not finding a job. As if this is a job you just enlist for at your local recruiting office. I'll take Army aviator and 35K a year over a 9-5 where I'm just pushing paper any day.
  15. Are they trying to take them all or just some of them? It be kind of hilarious if he finished up 64 primary and then got switched to 47 or 60.
  16. I have a BA, an MBA in progress, 20/20 vision and no waivers required. I'm about as good to go as a civilian applicant could be, aside from flight hours.
  17. That was my understanding as well when I skimmed through some of the "what are my chances" thread. I could probably get a 270 in a month or so when the Nov deadline approaches, I just don't see why I'd need to score that now.
  18. My recruiter flat out said you need to be in the 270+ range to be competitive (which is true) and that I need to hit that range before moving forward. I probably should have included that part in my post.
  19. Since this is by far the hottest thread on this board, I'll post my situation here and hope for some advise. So far I've taken the ASVAB and MEPS physical, but my recruiter doesn't want to schedule me for anything else until after I take an APFT. I know I'm not ready for the run portion and I've told him that, but I could probably score in the 90's on the situp/pushups portion right now. It's something I'm working on everyday but it will realistically take me some time to get my run time down to anything close to that 13-14 minute sweet spot. In the meantime, I could be taking the SIFT and getting a flight physical while simultaneously improving my PFT, but like I said he won't budge on this order. I guess I'm just asking you guys if you've heard of this being how it works? I was under the impression there wasn't an order aside from MEPS phy -> SIFT -> flight phy. I just don't want to be stuck in this phase for the next month or so when I could be progressing in the process, I'd really like to make the November board and that won't happen at this rate. Should I just suck it up and wait till my APFT score is up to par? Or is there anything else you guys would suggest? Any advise is appreciated, thanks. Brian
  20. This thread is like a horrible car accident, I want to look away but I just can't.
  21. Not a typical experience, I walked in my first day and walked out with an ASVAB and physical date.
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