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  1. Is that not....ya know, infuriating? Unless you really want hawks, but I still feel like that's a bit of a broken system #NoTA
  2. Wow I was like 99.9% sure they were out of there. Germany would be a dream because (like you said) of the ability to see so many different countries. I'll keep an eye on that, thanks.
  3. I'll let you know haha, but for now I'm just going with the flow, if I have to drive myself I will. Plus I can check out Rucker so that would be pretty sweet.
  4. At least by going to Rucker I won't have to worry about them losing my paper work or wait for them to approve it.
  5. Probably best to just wait then till after the physical, they aren't hurting me but it's a matter of time. Also, a bit off topic but did you guys drive yourselves to get a flight physical? My recruiter is insisting he (or someone with Army recruiting) has to take me. The nearest place to get one is at Fort Rucker which is 6 hours away, each way so that seems like quite a commitment from them.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a policy about wisdom teeth? Mine are coming in now and my dentist thinks we might have to take 2 of them out but he's sort of taking a "wait and see" approach to it. Anybody go through something similar....do they even look at your mouth?
  7. Thanks for the info! I don't know to many people in the military I can ask this stuff to so you guys are a great source.
  8. Was a little bit of sarcasm. So they control everything once you complete WOCS, but what about between basic and going to WOCS? Who controls what you're doing in that time, because some people say they wait weeks/months for a WOCS start date after basic?
  9. What is b co? I see that all over here and can't find an Army acronym for it.
  10. Wow that's a lot longer than I expected. Does all that time count towards your contract or does that not start until you are fully trained?
  11. That makes me feel a lot better, there's no way I would just quit WOCS, but things like err getting mono for example are out of my control. Basically don't tear my ACL or get sick a bunch of times and i'll be good.
  12. I wonder if it's different if you just fail something or if you get injured/sick and can't graduate on time. I'm very determined to succeed, but started telling a few people what I'm applying for and they all ask the "what if" questions.
  13. I hate to even ask this on such a positive thread, but it's something I need to know. What happens to someone if they get accepted into WOFT and then they fail a school? Like they finish basic and then fail WOCS or SERE? Do they just get discharged from the Army or do they get re-classed into something fun like infantry?
  14. Does the Army post online the amount of people selected vs how many were FQ/NS? Curious as to how many people I'm actually going up against at a board.
  15. That was my understand as well, since I would rather do everything else before my APFT (aside from the battalion board) to give me more time to improve my score.
  16. Appreciate everyone's input! I'm just going to move forward and work on perfecting the rest of my packet.
  17. They let you get a flight physical before taking a APFT? My recruiter wants that done before taking the SIFT or a flight physical.
  18. I picked up the SIFT study guide about a month ago. It covers a lot of the air frame parts and a lot of the physics/C&E. It's interesting but I find myself having to go back and reread parts of it. The SIFT is the one thing I'm stressing about because it's the one thing I can't redo (assuming I pass the first time).
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