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  1. I know it's above average, but nobody applying for WOFT is "Army average." I guess I'm just down on it cause I took the practice ASVAB in the office and got a 93, then took the real thing and got a 78. I'll just have to really crack down and do well on the SIFT.
  2. Is the GT portion pretty much pass or fail to the board? I only got a 119 and I'm a little bit disappointed (read: ego irreparably damaged).
  3. That's true lol but I'm not too worried. I've been preparing for the PFT and studying for the SIFT for the past month or so (long before speaking to a recruiter). I've passed a flight physical before and have been working on LoR. Basically the only things that can slow me down are things out of my control, like a time slot for a physical etc. Congrats on the 60 btw!
  4. Can't wait to post my stats on one of these threads! My process is only beginning, I'm literally taking the ASVAB tomorrow. But I'm motivated and shooting for the November board, assuming the deadline for the September board on USAREC is correct. I'm pretty sure the only roadblock that could hold me back would be scheduling a flight physical.
  5. Hahaha Impossible! Seriously though, good luck tomorrow! (today)
  6. At the end of the day, your worst possible scenario makes you an aviation warrant officer in the United States Army. Nothing that happens tomorrow can take that away.
  7. This is so awesome. Shindig is sort of becoming Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster to warrant officers. Everyone's heard of him but nobody knows if he's real.
  8. Thanks for the info, I hope that 64 is waiting for you come Wednesday.
  9. Not to be "that guy" peppering you with questions. But do you know how many people are in your class selecting? Just curious about how this bit works.
  10. What is your preference now that they took away those flashy Kiowa's
  11. Everyone who posted their stats in this thread are applying for September. Not sure where she is getting that date from but it would be almost impossible to have a packet ready to submit by that date. November board is a possibility though.
  12. That would be greatly appreciated. I was a bit shocked they wrote me back an email but didn't give me an answer. Especially since it would have basically been a yes or no situation.
  13. No dice, basically got an email saying "we don't answer civilian questions ask your recruiter." It sucks but I really just want a clear answer
  14. Just shot them an email, didn't realize that was actually an option so thanks!
  15. What is the actual last day for civilians to complete and submit their packets? I've read online that it's the date on the USArec website AND I've also seen that it's the 1st of the month of the board (so the civilian deadline for the September board would be 9-1-15). Can someone give me a definitive answer here?
  16. I mean a 62 is nothing to scoff at, the score to pass is 40 and the average is a 50. Not sure what the rest of your packet looks like but I don't see it being an issue.
  17. You're 22. Go ahead and apply now as a civilian, "take your shot" if you will. Worst case the board looks at your packet twice and rejects you both times. You can go join the reserves, then use the GI bill to pay for school. Apply again once you get your degree. Best case you get picked up one of those two times and now you can go fly fly.
  18. What would you put the odds on that November board happening? Would fit nicely into my "best case scenario" timeline.
  19. Does the Army ever change this? Right now it says they are selecting 153A for every board meeting. http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_boardschedule.shtml
  20. That's something I've thought about, but more of a "I went to selection and was a non-select twice, I should beef up my packet" kind of thing. I have been able to get in touch with a few aviators through networking/Linkedin and I'm sure I could get LOR, but again they don't know me personally so I'm not sure of the quality.
  21. Thread hijack: I don't really know a lot of people in the military and I know 0 aviators. I'm working other channels to try and get a LOR from them but none of them would actually know me personally. The one close family friend I do have in the military was in the Marines for 20+ years but was enlisted the whole time. How would the board look at his LOR because he wasn't a commissioned/warrant officer but did make it all the way to E-9 SgtMaj? Basically I just want to know if his LOR would actually carry weight. Thanks
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