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  1. Why do class sizes range so much? This class only has two people while other selections have 10 or more?
  2. Do you own a pair of running shoes? I used to get SP all the time when I was running in sneakers, but once I got a good pair or running shoes they went away for the most part. It's also probably better to work on distance first, then worrying about speed. Longer, slower jogs are probably going to help you more right now as opposed to shorter sprints.
  3. Serious question, when you take the APFT (in my case as a civilian), do you do the 2 mile run on a track or are you running from point A to point B?
  4. 51 isn't terrible, it's a whole lot more legitimate than you coming in here and saying you got an 80.
  5. As in you had a bad debt 14 years ago that was settled 14 years ago, or you had a bad debt the last 14 years that wasn't resolved until recently?
  6. Does anyone know of someone who was not selected the first two tries, then forced to wait 6 months before applying again, and then got selected after? Just curious of course
  7. I guess that's a great way to look at it, still must be tough though when someone has their mind set on a specific helo.
  8. How does the selection phase actually work? Do you know OML and what air-frames are available in advance or is that all revealed when you actually have to pick? Just curious if it's all a big mystery up until selection day or if you know this stuff before hand.
  9. Is this what happens if you wash out of the program? In that guys case it was clearly his fault but what if you finish WOCS and then fail the physical or something along those lines? Just curious...asking for a friend
  10. I think the form says what your GPA is from your most recent college/university. At least that's what the forms for OCS said.
  11. I just came back from a run, I think we are all in the same boat on the APFT. The good thing is if things don't work out for the May board we can fall back on to the July one. If for some reason we cant squeeze into that one is where things get tricky .
  12. Wow talk about a process! Do you mind posting your stats?
  13. This would be major news if accurate, do you have a link or could you possibly confirm this through your recruiter? I am just basing by dates off of this: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_boardschedule.shtml
  14. Exactly, that's why I'm trying to get the career started and figure everything else out later.
  15. The flight physical gets most people, but you and I have the benefit of being young (I'm only 21 and about to graduate with my BA). People who are in there mid to late 20's can have families, careers etc, life just gets in the way and the process drags.
  16. If you can actually make the May board, that will probably be the fastest i have ever heard of someone making it from beginning the process to submitting their packet. Not trying to be discouraging, far from it, I'm just putting that into perspective for you. Some people begin the process and it takes them up to a year or two to submit their packet.
  17. Going to try and make the July board but more realistic to get in on the October one (although it hasn't officially been announced yet).
  18. It's not impossible but like you said, much of your competition has the degree. As for a number on how often they get selected I couldn't tell you but I've seen it happen. You are only 19 so it makes sense you don't have a degree yet, but it will probably depend on your GPA.
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