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  1. Wasn't trying to put you down, more just trying to inform haha. For what it's worth I think you have a pretty strong packet, depends on your LOR's though. It's only a few more weeks to wait, it'll all be worth it.
  2. Thanks, I will definitely keep an eye on it.
  3. The May board for civilians was cancelled man, you'll have to wait till July.
  4. This is more of a general military question, but does your state of residence determine how you're taxed? Florida doesn't have income tax so that be pretty sweet if I could keep not paying that.
  5. Can you get Verizon (Internet/cable) on or around Rucker?
  6. That's pretty awesome....the helpful recruiter I mean. Jk that's awesome he wrote you one though.
  7. We'll have pretty similar stats, how'd you get that LOR from a congressman?
  8. That was the board of the decade lol I'm sure you'll be fine man. If it was easy, shindig could do it.
  9. Ok just confirming. You active side guys have all the luck 😁
  10. Hahahaha I love how everyone is still on edge over the Shindig thing. Although a 2 year age difference in a few months is troubling.
  11. Idk about this, I got a 64 and I don't think that was higher than 92% of applicants. I considered it slightly above average, but I could also it being the VR effect. If you've made it to VR you're probably a serious applicant. This format also takes into account all the people who took it, didn't do so hot and moved on to another MOS/program.
  12. At least he didn't pull a shindig and make his profile picture of someone else swearing in
  13. I've asked this question to a lot of people about it, but I've never heard of that (nobody who went to LW though). They also said they don't allow you to bring your own running shoes anymore, but I've heard that depends a lot on your DS.
  14. So even better, you'd just need to make it through basic without them.
  15. I don't think it really matters once you finish basic and maybe WOCS. I'm saying the tough part would be making it through those two schools without the insoles. I'm sure a lot of people wear them in their boots when they ruck/PT after they're in the Army. It really comes down to do you NEED the insoles or are they a luxury? Here's the reg from the 40-501: "(4) Current symptomatic pes planus (acquired (734) or congenital (754.6)) or history of pes planus corrected by prescription or custom orthotics does not meet the standard."
  16. Pretty sure I never took my shoes off for the flight physical. But I have flat feet and it was noted at MEPs (which was news to me so it probably isn't "severe") and I got my flight physical stamped. The bigger issue is when you're in basic. Do you wear shoe insoles? You're not allowed to bring those to basic and if you need them it's considered a DQ.
  17. Everyone says "Freedom Drive" is a good spot, and I know they have town-homes.
  18. That's pretty high, I wonder how many people actually applied.
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