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    This is something you really want to double check when you in process. It is very beneficial to keep you home of record if your state does not have an income tax. You can keep it that way your entire time in the service.


    My son is from Washington as well, which has no State income tax. When he met with Finance he said he wanted to keep Washington as his Home of Record. When he looked at his first LES he saw that they were taking out Alabama State taxes, he was able to go in and have it put back to Washington. Just make sure you double check your home of record.

    Thanks, I will definitely keep an eye on it.

  2. Age: 22GT/AFQT: 124/86SIFT: 61APFT: Haven't taken yet.. Hoping for a 300 but the 2 miles may get me as I'm a track sprinter in college... not a distance runner haha.Prior Sevice: NoneLOR: Congressman, E-8, former employer.Education: Bachelor's Degree in Health Studies GPA around a 3.1 (Graduating May, 7)Physical: Flight Physical next week in Fort Drum.


    I'm planning on making the upcoming boards.. which is apparently going to be with twice as many applicants from what I have read. :(

    Either way I am very excited to to finally get my packet in as this was more of a pipedream about 6 months ago. Any recommendations for the Board Interview? (I'm a bit nervous for this). Also do you believe my packet will be competitive, I hate getting worked up about stats but it's obviously a pretty big factor when it comes to selecting applicants. I appreciate any sort of advice.

    We'll have pretty similar stats, how'd you get that LOR from a congressman?

  3. If I remember correctly, there was a few soldiers in my basic with flat feet. They were able to purchase off the shelf insoles when we did hygiene purchases at the shopette. That was Fort Leonard Wood in 2009.


    I've asked this question to a lot of people about it, but I've never heard of that (nobody who went to LW though).


    They also said they don't allow you to bring your own running shoes anymore, but I've heard that depends a lot on your DS.



    Wow. I do wear Dr. Scholls in my shoes when running. So if you wear insoles in your boots you can be dq from the program?


    I don't think it really matters once you finish basic and maybe WOCS. I'm saying the tough part would be making it through those two schools without the insoles. I'm sure a lot of people wear them in their boots when they ruck/PT after they're in the Army. It really comes down to do you NEED the insoles or are they a luxury?


    Here's the reg from the 40-501:


    "(4) Current symptomatic pes planus (acquired (734) or congenital (754.6)) or history of pes planus corrected by prescription or custom orthotics does not meet the standard."

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