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  1. I can't wait to be throwing elbows, up against twice the usual amount of applicants as we all fight for a spot.....like trying to get on the last lifeboat off the titanic. Very Hunger Games-esk.
  2. N00b question but what's the difference between the A/L's and M's?
  3. http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/17111-sift-pointers/
  4. I thought this was over, but like a Phoenix rising from the ashes...this thread lives on.
  5. Scary stuff, I know two LT's at Rucker, I hope they're ok.
  6. I think it be kind of shortsighted to enlist. I know what you're saying about wanting to get a career started, but you're coming up on that age cutoff. I think you'd almost be less competitive as a active duty applicant because you'd have a very short military career vs someone who enlisted at 18 and now has a degree/deployments etc. I'd probably try and update your LOR for the next board before enlisting. A member or two from the military could only help IMO. I'm no expert though, just giving my input.
  7. I was looking at it more along the lines of you not getting the airframe you signed up for. Personally, the biggest advantage the Guard has is that you already know what airframe you'll be flying before you even go to Rucker. If I had signed up with the guard because I wanted Hawks and got switched to apaches I'd be kind of pissed. I understand what you're saying about the benefits of FW though, it just wouldn't be my preference.
  8. Sounds like a classic case of hurry up and wait!
  9. Really!? That would seriously suck. Do you know if you're going to have to retrain on Hawks yet?
  10. You don't have to risk getting a C12 either 😂
  11. If the banter at B.Co is anything like it is on this thread, I've definitely made the right career choice.
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