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  1. Nvm I misread that. If they correct your knee and it heals and is asymptomatic then you're good. But I'm willing to bet there will be a long recovery period.


    Yeah I read that as long as it heals properly after surgery you'll be fine. I just wasn't sure if it was basically up to the MEPs doctor or if you needed a waiver and it was decided by someone else.

  2. So I went to the doctor today because my knee's been killing me for about 2 weeks now. I can't really put a lot of weight on it and long story short, he thinks there is ligament damage (specifically ACL) but we won't know for sure until I get an MRI.


    Are ACL waivers given fairly easily? I did a bit of googling but couldn't find any current info.


    Is it safe to assume that I'll need a new MEPs and flight physical?


    Has anyone been in a similar situation and know a rough timeline?


    I guess I just feel like sh*t about it because I was basically at the finish line about to board and now I feel like I have to start over. Any advise/wisdom on the situation would be appreciated.

  3. What effect do you think it had on your score?


    edit: Do you think it helped you more than the help given in the books and study guides geared toward the SIFT/AFAST? If you had to take the test again, what, if anything, would you change about your study methods?


    All I studied with was the "SIFT study guide" book and a few flashcards I found online. Personally, the part I had the most trouble with was the hidden shapes. I probably knew about 70% of the actual aviation questions and was 50/50 on the rest. I ended up with a 64, it's challenging but not rocket science.

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  4. This is true. You can even be driven from BCT to WOCS as long as you "aren't the one driving". WOCS has a long term parking and doesn't differentiate between the street to seaters or prior sevice guys, so if you wanted to have a spouse drive you to WOCS (assuming your BCT is within like 250 miles of Rucker) and take a one way flight home, then that would mean you have one car at Rucker when you graduate and, if you have multiple vehicles, it will be one less to PCS. WOCS does allow you to drive your car to the long term parking and around the post area before you actually start training. This is during the time that you wear the "snowbird" rank and belong to HHC but haven't technically started WOCS


    WOCS isn't as strict as BCT on driving because they occasionally allow people to drive government vehicles on certain details during actual training. For example, I was the "social officer" and took a GOV off post to pick up the class cake from publix for our graduation.


    Hold up....we get cake at WOCS!? :lol:

  5. Do you know if they interview past employers or just send letters/emails?


    It's up to the investigator.


    They break everyone you list on your SF86 into two groups, "references" or "verifies." References are typically the people you put down as having known you for the last 7+ years. They get interviewed in person typically and get asked a wide range of questions. Verifier's are usually just used to confirm you worked at a job, went to a school etc. They might get asked an additional question or two but not as in depth and possibly by mail. He also said that one "bad" review by a boss isn't the end of the world, assuming it isn't something like "Such and such was a drug addict." They basically treat it like an outlier.

  6. So now it doesn't rly sound like there's a difference between a secret and TS.


    They got a lot more serious about them after the whole Snowden thing. My friend said that for a TS they interview everyone on your SF86, while for a secret they might interview 2 or 3. Were you already selected for WOFT? I think the timer sort of starts after your interview with the investigator at MEPs.

  7. I honestly can't speak for street to seat candidates. I went through BCT/AIT last year. In which case, we were not "allowed" to drive for up to 48 hours after graduation from AIT. I do know you aren't allowed to drive during WOCS, although you can bring your POV with you.


    If I had to guess, driving would be allowed after WOCS.

    That would make sense to me, at that point you're a Warrant officer. I really couldn't see them not allowing you to drive after you graduate WOCS.

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