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  1. It can't be right, because I'm sure a lot of people live off base and have to commute.
  2. How often do you get to change duty stations? Do you get more of a say in where you go as you get more rank/TIS?
  3. I feel like Shindig is going to get one of those soap parties that Pvt. Pyle got in Full Metal Jacket.
  4. I hope you all know if I meet any of you in person I will make some lowkey Shindig reference
  5. No more immature than pretending to be a WOFT applicant for almost a year. Then claiming you got selected while ignoring questions about your legitimacy. Then claiming you're a "soldier" after pretending to swear in to a program you weren't accepted into.
  6. Dreaming big huh? I get what you're saying though, if it has no real bearing on where you go, it doesn't hurt to try.
  7. I feel like this is a reoccurring thing. The wish list and even the supposed "needs of the army" don't really have a barring on where you're sent.
  8. He's saying if you get married now, you can collect BAH w dependents starting in basic, instead of when you get to W1.
  9. Is SERE one of those schools where you have to go straight through or can they "recycle" you if you get injured in week 2 or 3?
  10. What was your degree/GPA? Who are your LOR from? All that stuff matters, but there is no magic "this will definitely get me selected" bullet.
  11. People probably can't handle the stress of it, or like that one idiot who left SERE to go home for a night. Medical are the only people I feel bad for, it's usually completely out of their control.
  12. Is that what happens to Warrants who pass WOCS but fail flight school? I figured they'd demote you and make you an 11B or something.
  13. I sent the Florida NG strength manager an email today but haven't heard back yet. I also don't think we have any Chinooks, which was the MOS the article states was in short supply. Either way, it's something I'll take a look at.
  14. I've never heard of that, but like I said I haven't done a ton of research into the Reserves or NG. If that's the case though it would somewhat explain why they're low on pilots. As for the loan forgiveness, the only thing I've seen for active duty is if you serve 10 years and make 10 years of on time payments, the remainder of your balance is forgiven. At that point though, most people are done paying off the balance.
  15. As in they pay off your current student loans but you don't get any TA in the future? I guess you wouldn't get the GI bill either unless you were activated. I already have my degree so I guess I wouldn't "need" it, but I know the GI bill is transferable to kids etc.
  16. Thanks for the info. I never really considered the Reserve or NG, but the idea of completely wiping out my student loans is very tempting.
  17. Am I reading this right? They'll pay off your student loans up to 30K if you sign up for 6 years as a 154F!? I know there are a few recruiters on these forums, hopefully one of you explain this new program a bit more. http://www.armytimes.com/story/military/careers/army/2016/02/15/warrants-wanted-national-guard-army-reserve-offer-big-bonuses/80066622/
  18. Can't drink a beer, can pilot a 30 million dollar flying death machine.
  19. Yeah Shindig, Muffins over here trying to make you his battle buddy and you can't even message him back.
  20. I was just thinking this! He's probably in his mom's basement so pissed he didn't use a different photo or something.
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