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  1. Do DI know you're a 09W, or do they only know if you tell them?
  2. "Guys, do helicopters have bathrooms on board? If I need to go mid flight, can I just land and find a bush or something?"
  3. I got $20 on he doesn't comment for 10 weeks, because......they sent him to boot camp immediately after signing his contract.
  4. What were you doing during the holds? How long was your entire process from WOCS to graduation?
  5. Flight physical? The can delay a packet months if you have to wait for an appointment.
  6. Do bases restrict certain breeds? I have a Husky so I've had this issue before trying to find an apartment.
  7. Has the Army even said it's buying the raider?
  8. You are correct, I just read that under the Q&A section on USAREC
  9. Can you move to Fort Rucker after completing BCT, or do you have to wait until you finish WOCS?
  10. Does anyone have the numbers on how many civilian applied/were accepted?
  11. I'm on the civilian side so that's good to hear, but it just further compresses the stress of trying to get everything together before the cutoff. 100% selection rate is a bit nuts though.
  12. Nobody is going to offer you serious help until you prove that you are who you are. Till then, everyone will continue to treat this as a joke.
  13. Just tell us your name, if you're real your name will be on the accepted list.
  14. Go to airwarriors.com It's a site dedicated to Marine/Navy OCS, kind of like how this site is dedicated to WOFT.
  15. I was the same! I was thinking that January would be my worst case scenario, and here we are hahaha
  16. I think I've accepted my fate of not making the January board. Still haven't had a battalion board interview
  17. Is there ANY chance they might reverse getting ride of the 58? I think it all depends on who wins the next presidency but that could also be too late to save the air frame. A lot of the candidates have been critical of the sequester and talk about increasing the funding to the different branches.
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