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  1. Truer words have never been spoken haha. One of my LoR is actually from a Marine Major who transferred to the Army Reserves as a WO. I guess it can go both ways.
  2. Do you know if that's something that still happens? I figured nowadays they'd definitely push you through OCS as opposed to giving you a direct commission.
  3. Wait, you took a direct commission from Warrant to commissioned (Lt.) ?
  4. As everyone else said, you need seasoning. I'd enlist in the reserve as a helicopter mechanic and then go to college. That way you can have a college degree, military experience and meet fellow pilots who could potentially write LoR.
  5. If you can get in front of a battalion board by January 28th, you can definitely make the March board.
  6. Did you get one the first time you tried to submit a packet? The only reason you MIGHT get one is because it was so long ago, but every single person on this forum who tried to get on over the last 2 or so years has been denied.
  7. As long as you can get the waiver it's not discriminatory once you board. Medical is somewhat common but again is on a case by case basis. I've heard of a few people getting an age waiver if it's only a year or so, but moral waivers are still not really happening. The Army's getting leaner and theres no shortage of applicants, so the army doesn't grant them.
  8. Since I did my physical in one day, they didn't have the results of my HIV test back when submitting my stuff to Rucker. The flight surgeon did just flat out asked me "Do you think there's a chance you have it?" "How many sexual partners have you had in the last 12 months?" etc. It was easy for me cause I had a civilian physical last year (no HIV), the MEPS physical about 5 months ago (no HIV) and only one partner over the last 2 years (my gf). So he basically told me he was going to submit my packet to Rucker before the HIV results came back and just note in there that my odds of contraction were extremely low. Rucker still waits for the official bloodwork to come in though before approving you. I had no problem with mine being sent at different times and it got approved within 2 weeks.
  9. No thread yet, people are still licking their wounds over November. Give it a week or two, or feel free to start it yourself!
  10. Can you transfer out of an airframe? Like if you originally got C-12's can you apply to go back to flight school to retrain on something else?
  11. It's kind of hilarious how a C-12 would be a dream for some, and a nightmare for others.
  12. I just called flight medicine and they gave me the number to whoever is in charge of that department.
  13. It's a lot easier to get a flight phys as a military member instead of being a civilian. If you can't get into Rucker, just keep calling other bases.
  14. If your son is planning on applying out of high school, it's probably better for him to have an awesome GPA, extra curricular activities and excellent LOR over a PPL. Hes also got a better statistical chance of getting picked up as a civilian over enlisting and applying as an active member of the military (or reserves). I think he should give it a shot as a high school grad, but if he doesn't get picked up after two boards it's probably best to take a few college course and reapply after.
  15. The height of two wars, I don't doubt it.
  16. How much more do you have to do that you think you'll miss the January board?
  17. I thought that was only guard? Paging Yamer
  18. Just call Rucker and speak to someone down there, they are the end all be all on this stuff.
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