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  1. Yes I'm in Indy. Sucks that PA isn't even considering age waivers. Do you know why they aren't?
  2. Guilty! Not really. I could never have the patience or skill to carry on what that little runt created. Nice try though.
  3. So I've got friends in most branches of the military and no one is better than the other. Each branch has it's own important role. But what are some of the perceptions of those in the Army vs. those in the Air Force? I've heard some say the Air Force is more intellectual, more exclusive, and they are groomed better, etc. I heard one guy say if you're in the Air Force, you're more likely to capture the woman of your dreams (kind of funny, but not sure I believe that). I've also heard others say people in the Army are more easygoing, less judgmental and have bigger hearts. I know there are exceptions and you can find any type of person in any branch of the military. But in general, what are the perceptions and stigmas of the Army and Air Force from what you've observed?
  4. I have 4 really strong LORs right now, but not yet from my commander. I'll definitely work on that. Do the needs of the unit/state hold much more weight than a really strong packet in getting a waiver approved? Just trying to get a better feel for how much control I have over my situation.
  5. I'm 36 and just got completed BMT/AIT in the Guard. I was leaving hope my state might grant an age waiver for flight school, but after talking to my WOSM, it seems very unlikely. I don't regret my decision to join because it's been a great experience so far as enlisted, but I still have this burning desire to fly Army. So I basically got a "NO" from the command, but I've also heard "never take NO for an answer". Money, time, and flexibility are no issue for me; I'm willing to devote just about anything for a seat. So my question is: typically, how open is the Army chain of command to changing their mind on something like age given I do all the right things and go to great lengths to strengthen my packet? Am I pretty much dead in the water no matter what? I know there are lots of factors (needs of the state, luck, etc) but just looking for some general advice. I'm otherwise healthy with no legal issues, 20/20 uncorrected vision, bachelor’s degree, and have some civilian flight time.
  6. Congrats to you. Goes to show you should keep pushing and exhaust all avenues. I'm in a similar situation but my issue is age which in many ways seems harder to get approved than most medical issues. I'm 34 and just joined the National Guard. I was told by the SAO that age waivers will not be approved. Period. Sort of a gut shot but I'll continue to improve my packet anyway, including my PT. I guess I'm leaving hope that either the times will change or the strength of my packet will make them consider the waiver at some point. Any advice?
  7. This is going to be Shindig in flight school -- LOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUtyUTLeW1g
  8. Does the same hold true for civilians as it relates to the LOR expiration? Seems AD and civ apps have slightly different requirements.
  9. Yeah, unsure if it factors much at this point. However, about a year ago I had contacted someone (no names please) on the selection committee in Fort Knox, KY. This person said it only counts in cases of a "tie breaker". But that was about a year ago.
  10. Jan might have a low acceptance rate. If there was a board two months prior, the # of seats available is usually about the same as the last board. But the large carryover from Nov. would stack the # of applicants. I would think May and July would look much more promising because it'd be more of a "clean slate" by then.
  11. Right, how many on here are applying as civilians for Jan 2015? Typically about 30-35% of total civ applicant pool are on VR. I would imagine there'll be some carryover from the from 20 who weren't selected in Nov 2014 (11 of 31 selected). It appears there should be 43 civilian seats left for Jan, May, and July 2015. So about 14 for each board the rest of the way. At this point last year, there were only 37 seats remaining, so despite the big budget cut in FY15, there's more seats left going forward.
  12. Who gave you those applicant numbers for FY15? Also, for FY14 the civilian selection numbers were: November 2013: 21 of 24 selected January 2014: 13 of 16 selected May 2014: 13 of 25 selected July 2014: 11 of 13 selected (I may be off on this one) 58 selected FY14. So it only drops by 4 seats in FY15?? That's not much of a civilian drawdown.
  13. So if someone gets a lower score the second time around, are they forced to use that one? Or can they use the old score?
  14. I looked but couldn't find the numbers for July 2014. Any idea where they could be?
  15. How many Civilians are applying in January 2015?
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