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  1. I have but I'm not street to seat. There are a few running around here though.
  2. I called the POC and explained to him that I'm an inter service transfer and he said the MSAF is not required of me, just the pre-execution checklist. You should try and call too and see what he says.
  3. For the PT test, do they score you in the 17-21 bracket, or your appropriate age bracket?
  4. I just got an email this morning saying my TAC is Mr. Crowe. Can anyone shed light on their experience with him?
  5. Quick question regarding pay, seeing how we're going to be in barracks, do we lose BAS? (I assume so) Also, I am an interservice transfer and apparently they PCS me down for WOCS but TDY all Army enlisted personnel. This would mean that I can't collect Family Separation Pay like the already enlisted Army guys that are just TDYing down there, correct? These are just questions that just popped in my head! I sure do hope the running isn't going to be too intense. I've barely done any pt due to having to move around and take care of other admin "stuff".
  6. Everything went fine. He said it wouldn't take long and I should be easy, but it's the issue that i was told I didn't need to do one and then out of nowhere I find out I do, two months before I'm suppose to be there. Oh well!
  7. I'm not due for a reoccurring investigation for another 3 years for my current clearance. I am familiar with the timeframe for a secret clearance and the JPAS. I just think someone lied to me or didn't know what was going on and still irrefutably lied to me. Interview tomorrow Just annoyed
  8. I showed them that specific statement too, but after many phone calls to and from an individual that I'm sure is a POC on your paperwork as well, he said to have me fill it out to so I can be input into their system. Apparently that's the only way I can be input into their system. So Talon, you mean to tell me that you didn't fill out that sf86 form? Yes my recruiters were very ignorant. However, they did get this guidance from someone who is suppose to know what's going on.
  9. I appreciate the response! I am looking into this and should have an answer my Monday. I'll post the results in case this situation occurs with someone else.
  10. So im trying to figure out what level of security clearance is needed for flight school. I’m coming over from the Air Force and I already have a secret clearance. I was told to fill out an SF86 from the recruiter to be inserted into the Army’s “system”. This guidance came down from a CW4 from HRC..? (one of the head guys in the recruiting/training section) Anyways, I was just told on the phone I no longer have a clearance and I need to get interviewed. This obviously took me by surprise because I’ve been told numerous times to not have an investigation started since it will void out my curren
  11. Just wanting to see if anybody out there, who was an interservice transfer, can fill me in on the process of keeping your family covered with Tricare when you switch.
  12. This is on the right track. The way it was described to me was the "W" means Warrant, and the "A" means officers. Class 1 Physical is the same no matter what designator follows the "1".
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