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  1. That's funny.... you are pushing your client to buy the helicopter you want?
  2. They want you to be able to back it up if needed with references, etc, not just think because you show up with 1800hrs in a log book that its taken at face value. Your log book alone will not be their sole source of verifying your claims. Ive even seen recruitments where they have put "PIC does not include time flown in Robinson helicopters or any other piston powered helicopter" I've even seen them where they specify a set number of hours flown within the geographical boundaries of a particular state or even down to the specific county the agency is located in. Thats usually how you
  3. It is a pilot position. They call their pilots Flight Officers.
  4. Yeah.... if you could land a job flying one right out of school. But chances are, you wont touch an AStar for a few years... if not a few more.
  5. They do, but an area like that you wouldn't start in as a pilot. FWCs pilots over there have been on for a while. With the state you come on and go to the vacancy. Palm Beach I can guarantee isn't going to have a pilot vacancy. A tfo is a position for a street cop You'll never get hired as a tfo. It's a special assignment. I'm pretty familiar with this particular air units. I'll just come right out and say your plan isn't going to work. I'd say to be a tfo in any of those units you'll need several years on to apply. And keep in mind, there are deputies applying to be tfo's who probabl
  6. How much time do you have? Couple hundred hours? The issue is to get in with low time, you'll probably need to be a deputy with any of the 3 you named. To get into a pilot you'll have to apply should they ever specifically recruit for a pilot. To be competitive for that, you'll need the usual hours and experience. If I were you, I'd look at FWC.
  7. Ahhhhh the Banning Pass. I remember flying east bound in a head wind and watching cars pass me on I10.... and that was flying a Cessna 182
  8. Id almost guarantee their air unit isn't funded at all by DHS.
  9. Agencies with surplus aircraft often just fade away. They got them for nothing (contrary to urban legend, agencies do not buy them for a dollar nor can they ever sell them). If that agency was smart enough to be able to get loads of parts they can prolong the end. Smarter agencies look long term and figure out they need to actually develop a budget to keep it going. Those agencies that don't understand aviation often get to the end of an engine, time out blades, etc and then get hit with a $200,000 over haul bill and at that point decide they don't need the helicopter. Almost always, it's
  10. I had this exact same discussion here not long ago.... Would this agency be in AL by any chance? Did you apply to be a Deputy and then find out about the need for pilots, or are you doing this process hoping they will offer you a pilot spot? As far as 58s.... free parts of any real value are just about all gone. Unless the agency has a budget to buy parts, it will be interesting for sure on future. The one factor I see with your plan is that you are being hired as a Deputy. The others were hired as pilots weren't they? You said "Deputized Pilot". Was he a pilot they trained to be a de
  11. OC just recruited for a pilot. Generally you have to look on their specific sites, and they don't hire very often. After 20yrs as a cop, believe me, when they recruit they already know who they want.
  12. As Im reading.... the Ag spot is a possibility of time? The CFI job is time. Frost and Cherry drying isnt going to yield much where the CFI job is 1000hrs in less than 2 years? I dont know you, you have to make your own choices, but Id say take the known vs the unknown in this world. What you need right now is time.....not the enticement of maybe getting a few 206 hours here and there. Yeah they may need a pilot in the near future, but as a low time pilot the chances of that pilot being you? I dunno... thats something you need to determine.
  13. I know a county govt agency who did just that. Agency trained up a brand new pilot with a good mix of private pay by the employee and in-house with the operation. Leaning heavily on the in-house. About all the new pilot was paying for was solo stuff and renting an R22 for check rides. Everything else was being done in a B206 and was being done on the job. The new pilot was being groomed to replace a pilot retiring in about 2 years. This new pilot was fairly young. Mid-20s. Then..... brand new pilot applied for a pilot spot with a neighboring county agency. I guess he didn't want to wai
  14. Its not different schools of thought. Its just technique for whats needed at that specific millisecond in time. Sometimes you can fly it right in, other times you need to center your load quickly, winds can have an effect, etc. Maybe the load itself being affected by winds.
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