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  1. That's how I did it. Drove from Raleigh to Rucker, started WOCS 6 days later.
  2. Shameless plug: Take a look at the Mentors4Mil podcast. (http://mentorsformilitary.com) Mike is now a host on there and they have some great people come on.
  3. Safe Pay will not apply, you are choosing to get demoted essentially, a promotion, with a pay cut, (senior E7 to W1) would be eligible for safe pay until the WO pay catches up. You will not be required to go to WOCS, or Basic Training. Good luck Devil.
  4. As a Reconnaissance Marine, and JTAC, I chose 47s, I’m also in an Apache BN. I Can 100% say that I am happy with my choice.
  5. When I was in the 47 course at Rucker we were tasked with the ranger mission. The wives and students made up bags with a soda, sandwich, protein bar, and energy bar for each guy..... however the flight got cancelled day of due to weather. Unfortunately.
  6. Lines 1-3.... ha. I got a good buddy who was a CCT for 15 years now flying C-12s. And I was a JTAC in the Marine Corps. Hit me up if you need anything, have any questions. I can put you in touch if needed.
  7. No, by all means collect 6, then pick the best 3, 1 will get read. This has been covered many times before by people who have sat on the boards. You want to risk them reading the worst one of your 6? Again Im just reiterating what board members have said.
  8. My only hesitation is exporting my old flights into it. And how well it would merge from foreflight.
  9. Ive been using foreflight/paper Im a big fan of the experience report breakdown in foreflight, with specific date ranges, and custom fields.
  10. Any updates on this? Ive been using ForeFlight logbook, but dont feel like paying for it anymore ha.
  11. Yes you can/will get OCONUS post flight school. I have seen a few people try to swap, the only one I saw that was successful, one had kids from a previous marriage in Germany, so he was able to swap Honduras for Germany.
  12. You can, and do fly with the systems off in the Lakota during the course, some instructors more then others. You do still have a separate IP for WS at shell, just Lee the same one through contact/instruments/and whatever they are calling the man intro after instruments now.As for the control touch, Id say thats more IP/student dependent, I was in a mixed 67/72 47 course, and if anything the 72 guys were a little bit ahead from the get go. And from my recollection the brass collectively said they would rather get pilots sooner, even if less trained, then later. At least thats what they were saying 3 years ago when these changes were in the works.
  13. Military athlete has a good APFT prep, and an Army OCS prep workout plan. I suggest both of them, and follow them to a T. Youll be fine. Eat more meat too.
  14. I went through flight school with two sets of husbands/wifes. One wound up a chinook/Blackhawk couple at the same duty station, the other, an Apache/Intel couple (yes one requested a branch transfer).
  15. In the 47 the seats have a large range of travel. Cushioned seat backs are removable as well, which is nice with armor on.
  16. I came from the Marines as well. I tried to use the DA forms where I could but had a few in Naval format as well. No issues. If you have any specific questions, send me a message.
  17. http://glwach.amedd.army.mil/victoryclinic/documents/Army_APLs_28may2014.pdf PDF page 165
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