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  1. No typo. But you are changing the rules of the game. I said "dangerous'. You said "more power" and "not a good position". I never claimed it was the best idea or even mentioned power. If you are cognizant of the situation you put yourself in and the inherent risks and limitations that imposes on you and thereby how to get yourself out of it there is nothing "dangerous" about the maneuver. Idiot pilots make it dangerous not the maneuver. In a rush to be right though everyone wants to change the rules of the game, instead of taking a deep breath and allowing there brains to wrap around a new thought. For whatever its worth, my instructor won many awards including the Art Scholl for his Helibatic Airshow Act. I have been privileged with getting to explore the edges of the envelope with him.
  2. I feel like I'm one of the few that was taught as a PP no less that if your groundspeed is lower than the tailwind then there is absolutely nothing dangerous about a tailwind approach or hover. Proven by flying in those actual conditions. I was very lucky however to be taught by one of the best. I very stupidly put myself into an "LTE" situation once trying to please a tour customer wanting a picture of some dolphins, came around on me faster than I could say OH F^$! and stopped as soon as I weathervaned back into a head wind with the left pedal through the chin bubble...
  3. Yea, I'd buy a mid-time R44 for 200k-ish and have fun. With 100k put aside for insurance/maintenance put the other 200k into a CD or money market or something for a rainy day.
  4. My path - Private Airplane Private Helicopter AddOn Instrument Helicopter (all at night OMG!) Commercial Helicopter (1st engine failure) Helicopter Tour Job (2nd engine failure) Helicopter Ag Job Commercial Airplane AddOn Regional Airline Job & ATP license - upgrading to Capn as we speak I miss flying helicopters but I sure don't miss the paycheck. Lack of rotor hours didn't hold me back in the Helo world and lack of Airplane hours didn't hold me back in the starch wing world. YMMV.
  5. Avbug been too busy writing books - https://www.amazon.com/CIA-SUPER-PILOT-SPILLS-BEANS-ebook/dp/B0784QV2PT
  6. Someone saying emphatically without a doubt that God does NOT exist does not equal Someone must believe in a God. Worded another way - If you are not open to the idea that a God may exist then your critical thinking skills are lacking. ^That's the point being made.
  7. I've been told the reason they require you to have the R44 CFI sign off is because their novelty act is throwing the duals in and letting the customers have a whack at it. Jeebus Christmas I couldn't even imagine. You thought a student would try and kill you, let's throw an average Joe with zero training up in there... I know based on my 5 years of tours, I've already had enough Joe Schmoes try to kill me without even having the duals in ! Couldn't pay me enough for that.
  8. Transferring passengers in even just 1ft seas can be problematic. You will need a good gang plank system. As said earlier, at some point some where you need to touch land and that is where the trouble begins. Other than all the Government Political BS flying off the barge was awesome.
  9. If I remember right the place in St Louis does their tours off a barge, might want to ask them. Yes I'm FB pm me.
  10. FAA was cool with it. We were technically in "public waters". We pulled spuds and drifted it every week and logged it with a GPS. Otherwise we needed a 10 Ton (?) tug to push us around ($$$). If the barge was motorized then you would need to have a six pack license - the Coast Guard guy that came with the Eglin Range police was jumping up and down about us not having the six pack license. Just another local yokel trying to apply rules that didn't apply/exercise his authority. At some point you have to touch land either with the barge, the aircraft or a taxi/shuttle boat so at some point you will have to have some kind of permission/license/something. The only way they couldn't grief us is if someone pulled up in their own boat and came aboard. Since we parked next to what is called "Crab Island" -major party spot on a sandbar with waist deep water- in Destin we had a lot of customers like that.
  11. Good question since we were boarded by the Eglin Air Force Range Police and arrested lol. It got thrown out of court but not before I got in trouble with my Reserve Chain of Command since Eglin's Commander banned me from all Eglin AFB properties making it impossible for me to go to drill on the weekend... For what it's worth the owner of the business had a letter from Florida's Department of Environmental Protection whom held the underwater lease that gave us implicit permission to use the parcel. However, there was another letter of agreement between FDEP and Eglin for Eglin to maintain the 99 year lease properties and therefore had "Power of Attorney" -for lack of better word- to maintain the leases as they saw fit. For whatever reason, trying to make an honest buck we were the front page of the Destin and Fort Walton newspapers and Pensacola TV News for weeks on weeks as people either seemed to love us or totally hate us - mostly due to irrational fears of course. If you were honestly trying to do this I'd say you would need to have everyone on your side - city council, etc, etc, and by the time that happened you would have wasted years and millions... The other operator in Destin who had a helipad right on Hwy 98 who I also did some flying for almost went out of business before they even started with all the ridiculousness of local yokels coming up with all kinds of BS they had to comply with before they could open their doors.
  12. Here you go butters - http://www.transstates.net/careers/pilot_careers/Pages/Rotor-to-Wings.aspx
  13. Are you even a pilot ? Neither one required a report to the FAA per NTSB rules. Though the Rapid City FSDO did come visit me after they caught word, shook my hand and said good job son. Both failures were in a Bell 47. I did full downs with my instructor before I soloed. On a good day I'm average at best. Your assertion that someone would need to be a super stick is incorrect.
  14. I had an engine failure at 50 or so hours while working on my commercial. Turned crosswind and everything went quiet, did the "impossible turn" and put it back on the runway. I had my second engine failure at around 400 hours giving tourists a ride. both cases no damage to helicopter or injury to occupants. your premise is completely flawed or you are completely incompetent or both.
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