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  1. Fry, I know you are correct in saying that I am fighting a losing battle. That was known from the beginning. I do know that what I have done in protesting against Silver State is for the right cause and that eventually (in some form) justice will prevail (Airola getting taken for $3.5mil, for example). I am sure additional justices will eventually bite him on the butt. It might not be through me, but someone will bring justice to him. Yes, first it is Silver States (Airolas) fault for misleading; second it is the students fault for believing. Airola is not at fault for the students lack of research, that is a personal problem of the students. But it is certainly Airola's fault for putting such an impression upon potential students as to force them to seek contradiction of his advertising claims. A person should never be put into a position where he cannot trust someones word. In short, that means no person should lie or be lied to. Airola specifically impresses upon his audience that he intends to hire all of his students (with few exceptions) and that positions for them would be available. In an interview of Airola in September 2006, Airola stated: “…you look at the 500, I think its 560 employees that I have, I also have 2200 that are in training right now…" We all know now that Airola does not intent to hire any sizable portion of his graduates. He is using Silver States "we do not guarantee employment" statement found in the service agreement to counter any employment implications Airola repeatedly makes to thousands of people over the past several years.
  2. No, no, Im not going to deal with anymore of this bull-crap after Im done with SSH. I dont doubt you were screwed by Universal, but I do seriously doubt they are bigger crooks (in my opinion) than SSH. As it stands, SSH's claimed statistics show that it has only graduated about 15% of all the students who have been in their program for the 12-18 month advertised duration. To make a quick comparison: HAI, for the year of 2005, 88% of those who went in for a PPL completed their training, of those who continued 93% completed their CPL, of those who continued 96% completed their CFI. The representative from HAI said that the average time for their students to go from zero to CFI was between 12 and 15 months. However, Silver State Helicopters claims they have the industries "highest success rate for passing students", according to several published articles.
  3. If you contact me with your legitimate witness accounts, then you will have my contact info. Those who need to know who I am, already know.
  4. It has come to my attention that many people responding to this request do not want to provide their contact information in spite of various forms of potential retaliation by Silver State Helicopters and/or Jerry Airola. I assure all witnesses who are currently in Silver States program that their contact information can and will be kept confidential between the Courts and I. If others not in the program do not want their identity divulged I can only provide assured protection if that person can give the Court a reason of how they would be threatened if their contact information is revealed to Silver State Helicopters and Jerry Airola. You must provide at least your full name and working telephone number. I am forced to verify everyones contact information.
  5. To anyone who has witnessed the following statements (or variation of) during Silver State Helicopters employment opportunity seminars or anywhere else, please personal message me or email thesilverstatetruth@gmail.com with your contact information. If you know of ANY persons who can witness ANY of the following statements or actions, please inform them of this request immediately. Please specify exactly which statements, when, and where you witnessed them; any additional information is not needed at this time: 1. Airola: "Silver State Helicopters doesn't accept people into the program they can't hire” 2002-2006 2. Airola: “We do not train pilots to work for other companies” 2002-2006 3. Airola: “We have more work available than pilots to do the work” 2002-2006 4. Airola: “We have hired all but one of our graduates, that one wrecked a helicopter of ours” 2004-2006 5. Airola: “Our students are trained to become commercial pilots, through CFI, in 12-18 months.” 2002-2006 6. Anyone from SSH: "We will be a part 141 school soon" 7. Anyone from SSH: "We are a part 141 school" 8. Witnesses who vouch that SSH could not train a student within the advertised 12-18 months, extrapolation is relevant whether or not having stayed in the program the full 18 months. 9. Witnesses who vouch that SSH wrongfully accused a student of not attending class or scheduled flights. In accordance with their attendance policy, SSH should be able to provide a disciplinary statement signed by any student who misses a class or scheduled flight. 10. Witnesses who vouch that SSH alleged a students work schedule was prohibitive for their flight training progression, especially when this student's work-schedule was typical. SSH advertises: "nearly everyone enrolled in our program is a working adult...the sessions are designed to accommodate most every schedule" 11. Witnesses who vouch that SSH would, at times, impliment the infamous "deal-today, or no-deal at all" tactic on enrollees. 12. Witnesses who vouch that Silver State claimed it would transform training centers into commercial operations centers within a relatively short time-frame, while hiring the majority of its students as pilots in order to handle the excess of local helicopter work Silver State had supposedly acquired.
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