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  1. I'll speak on what works for me as I haven't seen anyone else in our company use the same setup as I do. I have an older iPad mini (3G model) that does NOT have the data plan active. But the GPS inside the iPad obviously still works. I downloaded foreflight's application and put on all the applicable maps and charts that I needed. So glad in my time away from the Gulf they added the Gulf Heli map. This wasn't the case before I left the Gulf to go on deployment for the Guard. Inside the cockpit I use a RAM suction cup mount and place it on the windshield. It's become so handy I don't kn
  2. I've been looking at using an Ipad mini in the gulf and was wondering if anybody uses an GPS app for VFR use? I'm a 206 driver and would like a backup GPS. Our company doesn't always have the nicest equipment, but we're getting there. I've been looking and so far I think that the Garmin Pilot application seems like the best deal. But don't know if they carry our sectional. I've used my full size Ipad in the Gulf before the mini came out and put the foreflight app on there and it worked but not great. It didn't have the correct map either. Adding a GPS enhancer would also help the lag the GPS
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