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  1. Hello everyone; would like some opinons. I'm pvt rated rotocraft in R22 and am going to continue my training towards com/cfi. I have the option of doing the remaining time to get my comercial in a Bell 47 and at the time I get my cfi, have been offered the opportunity to use the 47 from my instructor towards my own students wanting to train. Should I spend money for the 47 or continue in the R22??? or is a Bell 47 even a good choice? My plans are to eventually get employment in the utility field and not really do any Robinson training. Yes I know teaching in R22's is the general way to build hours but is it better to have 150 hrs in R22, where you still need 50 more just to teach, or 150 total (117 hrs R22 & 30+hrs in Bell 47) and given the op to push the 47 and build time with it. Are there min. to teach in the 47?? I have been told by numorous operators that expierence in larger helicopters is worth more to them than equal time in the Robinson, unless you want to teach exsclusivly in Robinsons (which is not the direction I want to go). Don't want to start any flames here amoung the Robinson guys, I just don't like the R22 and want to go onto bigger fish. Thanks for any replys or please PM if you would like.
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