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  1. Fore flight the $30 app? If I get it on my old ipad, and buy a new one, will I have to purchase it again?
  2. Hmmm so would a new ipad be beneficial for flight school for pubs and nav and such during flight school? And potentially further on in my flying career
  3. I've had a couple students say they have used it in 67 for flight? Maybe it just depends on instructor. Brackac, no I have zero experience in 64s. Only in my dreams.I'm as newb as it comes. Awaiting sere. But christmas season and spending money season etc. I was trying to justify a new ipad.
  4. Any 64 drivers out there? Does a full size ipad fit in the cockpit? I have been told now that they fit in 47 and 60s not in 67s.
  5. Not everyone in 7 week course are street to seat. We had e8 prior service, I was e6 prior air force, and our class had more prior service than street to seat. Just didn't have WLC. WHICH IN those 2 extra weeks, I didn't learn anything to make me a better leader. I just learned the Army's perspective of a leader and basic structure. In essence I guess I did learn a thing or 2. Yes our class did clean sweep wocs Olympics. That was pretty cool.
  6. I'm pretty sure ipads are allowed to use during flight school, correct? If so, are there spec requirements? Can they be full size, or do they have to be mini? Do they have to be Apple, or can they be other brand tablets? I'm trying to justify to my wife that I need a new Ipad.
  7. Youll in process, weekends are off, 0545 accountability, 0600 prt, 0830 accountability, 1400 accountability, everything inbetween is details and personal time to get your life together prior to class start.
  8. Bahaha ^^ awesome. I'm so jealous of all you flying. Can't wait to get there. Marathon, not a sprint.
  9. Bahaha someone will dance with me? Gee I hope so. Ill be with my wife. Hopefully she will. I was trying to do a last weekend date night before starting up WOCS. we tried that diamond place but left before it got good I guess. We were on our way to try cowboys, but decided to go home and make our own party. Maybe we'll give diamond another shot next time. Thanks for the input.
  10. Where does one go dancing in the area? Maybe some country and hiphop?
  11. What is this? I guess i need it before i report to wocs?
  12. Can someone post what a w-o1 w 10 years of service nets a year? I'm trying to adjust my child support.
  13. Can someone post what a w-o1 w 10 years of service nets a year? I'm trying to adjust my child support.
  14. How in depth is the land nav course in WOCS? I'm an instructor in Air Force and teach land nav, but it's my least favorite. I've heard a lot of ppl have troubles w land nav. Any input is appreciated.
  15. Three months is correct. I had prk and applied 3 months later. Second part to your questioning have no clue
  16. Hmmmm I got mostly plad tommy Hilfiger drawers. I'm anxious to start already! ! !
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