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  1. What does "clear of clouds" mean to you? or visibility? I'm not asking about other countries. You're wrong, like all of the time.
  2. He hasn't made any awesome videos for over three years. Probably dead by now flying like that, hopefully he didn't take anyone with him.
  3. Unless there are local ordinances against it, the only issue is usually the neighbors complaining, and in my understanding that is a matter of social pressure more than legal pressure.
  4. How do I get a tour of the coast guard base? I drive by everyday on the way to work...
  5. I landed there early last year, flew a crew out to take some measurements to replace the rusted ladders. 3-4" deep bird doo-doo. They were talking about refurbishing it, we never flew them again, seems they wanted something bigger than our 407. Edit: About the doo-doo, the crew said that since the poo landed on the lighthouse, it is considered hazmat. If the same droppings hit the water its fine. The point is, when they go to work on it, if they want to clean it up they have to bag it all up and take it with them, they can't just scrape it over the edge.
  6. This might be the best summary of how the professional pilot outlook is these days. I was going to apply to academy but the age cutoff is 30 or 31 I believe. Edit: To be clear, there are professional pilot jobs but in my opinion unless you fall asleep dreaming of flying the grind to get there isn't worth it. CFI, then Tours for years, low pay, by the time you get into the field you think you want to fly in you may be 7-10+ years into it and still not getting paid much.
  7. You must get bored easily. You seem to try to pick fights with people who are trying to agree with you. I was calling BS on his post as well, and you seem to have interpreted it as I was calling you stupid. oh well
  8. I was going to say, clearly you haven't seen many of the skydiving airplanes!
  9. Is there a mail list of some sort to be notified when the new material is available, or a ballpark date of release?
  10. Because everyone else is so disgustingly optimistic. Or maybe he just wants less competition in the job market.
  11. My first thought was it was a different heli, it looked like too big of a transformation to cost only $100k, but what do I know? (not much)
  12. This has been discussed a lot, try using the search.
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