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  1. Active. I even contacted WOCS and they said it's based on an OML and they had no open slots for an earlier report date. Clearly they do have open slots for earlier report dates.
  2. I don't understand how you can get selected in November and go to WOCS in March. When I got selected in July and don't start WOCS until next September.
  3. Air Assault would be more beneficial just because it actually deals directly with rotary wing aircraft vs Airborne where you are just jumping out of a C-130. As far as career progression, I don't know if either will help you get promoted faster than the other, but if I had to pick I would definitely say Air Assault. Air Assault will give you more knowledge on how sling loads are conducted and the operations involved with them, as well as rappelling out of 60's and basic aircraft orientation. You will need to understand these things I would like to think if you select 60's or 47's. But in the long run you definitely want to get both of them as they are both great schools and you learn a lot.
  4. It's just the photo number. Realistically, those would not be the same numbers because they are different pictures. But that's just what they did for the example.
  5. No I did the pre registration but I can't login to blackboard yet. My Phase 1 DL start date isn't until October 1 2014 though.
  6. Did anyone who got selected in July get any other emails besides the 3 (WOCS Phase 1, Phase 2, and WOBC) dates? I thought there was supposed to be an email with the WOC SOP and some other info. The only WOC SOP I have been able to find is from October 2007.
  7. My Phase 1 DL report date is Oct 01 2014 thru September 30 2015. Does that mean I can't enroll and start on DL until Oct 01? And I keep seeing "must be completed NLT 90 days after SMS date". What is SMS?
  8. My report date for phase 2 isn't until September 16th of 2015! That is after my ETS date! This has to be a mistake. Who do you call to request an earlier report date?
  9. Do any other AD Army on here who were selected know what the next step is after selection? I'm not finding much info on USAREC's website and I'm sure this has been answered before so if anyone can lead me to the right place I would appreciate it. I saw that you will be notified 90 days after selection, which seems like a long time. Also, is it via email or what?
  10. What's the next step for AD selectees? I can't get the selection info tab on USAREC's website to open.
  11. Yea that is what I was thinking would make more sense. Thanks Jon
  12. I know its one email. What I'm asking is if you are supposed to compile all the documents into 1 pdf or attach all the documents separately and then send the email.
  13. Does anyone know the format for sending in updates if you were FQ-NS? Is it all updated in 1 pdf sent in 1 email under 5mb? Or is it all separate attachments all in 1 email under 5mb?
  14. When going to submit for your second look at the board from being FQ-NS at the first; are you supposed to submit the whole packet or just updates. I assume it's just updates, if so; Do you compile and send them all in 1 pdf in 1 email? Or their own individual documents as separate attachments in 1 email? So, either: (1.pdf with all attachments compiled)? or (1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf 4.pdf but still in one email)?
  15. FQ-NS but will try again for the July board. The may board looks like it was the ugliest one as far as selection rate in a long time. Hopefully July will be much better.
  16. So how does it work when you don't get selected for the first board? Is your packet still deemed board ready and now you have to send in all updates to the updates email? Do you send them in all in 1 pdf or as individual attachments in one email?
  17. Is there any way of finding out why you didn't get selected? Not sure where I went wrong
  18. Hopefully we get it Jon B. I know we are AD I'm not sure who else is AD but surely we will find out within the next 12 hours or so.
  19. Yea it sucks that we have to wait until Friday though.
  20. Roger that. Thank you for a clear answer
  21. Q: Why am I applying for WO, US Army Reserve, I want to serve on active duty? A: Don't worry; you will be serving on active duty. All warrant officers receive their appointment in the U.S. Army Reserve as a WO1. This is why you check “Warrant Officer - Army Reserve” in block 1 of the DA Form 61. A Reserve appointment does not affect your pay or type of service. You will serve full time on active duty and will receive the regular active duty pay for WO1. You will be tendered Regular Army upon your promotion to CW2. Note that packets are no longer being accepted if block 1 is check incorrectly. But you are saying that it's different for civilians? that's weird. But if you were picked up and you selected that then I guess that's what you have to do. AD is supposed to select Reserve though?
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